List of Super Mario Bros. Special staff

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This is a list of the staff involved with the game Super Mario Bros. Special.

Programmed By[edit]

  • Yukio-Takeoka

Course-Designed By[edit]

  • Ichirou-Sakurada

Enemy Dispoed By[edit]

  • Sugata-Morimoto

Ending Demo By[edit]

  • Tomohiko-Nakajima

Sound Effected By[edit]

  • Fumihiko-Itagaki
  • Megumi-Kawamata

Course Editor By[edit]

  • Yoshiyuki-Kawaguchi

New Character By[edit]

  • Yukio-Takeoka
  • Megumi-Kawamata

New Character Naming By[edit]

  • Yukio-Takeoka
  • Tomohiko-Nakajima
  • Sadakichi

Produced By[edit]

  • Takashi-Takebe

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© 1986 Hudson Soft