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HudsonBeeSMBS.png SMBSpecial-Hachisuke-PC88.png
Hachisukes, as they appear in Super Mario Bros. Special (Sharp X1 and NEC PC-8801)
Hu-Bee on a white rectangle.

First appearance

Super Mario Bros. Special (1986)

Effect on player

Gives 8000 points.
Artwork of Hu-Bee from the official Hudson Soft logo.

Hachisuke, also known as Hu-Bee[citation needed], is the mascot of the video game developer company Hudson Soft, who also appears on the company's logo. Aside from being the logo, Hudson added in Hachisuke as an item in Super Mario Bros. Special. When Mario finds this item in the game, he is awarded 8000 points. The item can be found exclusively in World 1-1, hiding inside a Hidden Block. Hudson's mascot being a bee is a reference to a 1950's sedan called the Hudson Hornet.