World 3 (Super Mario Bros. Special)

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World 3
Screenshot of World 3-3 from Super Mario Bros. Special.
Game Super Mario Bros. Special
Level(s) 4
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World 3 is the third world in the game Super Mario Bros. Special, located in the Mushroom Kingdom. The world is not very similar to World 3 from the original game as far as the levels are concerned, the most notable difference being that they are longer. However, it is the first world in Super Mario Bros. Special to be set at nighttime, which is the same for Super Mario Bros. This world also introduces the Tarusar and the Hammer. It consists of two ground levels, one level set at the heights on treetops, and one castle.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Description
World 3-1 Screenshot of World 3-1 from Super Mario Bros. Special. The first level, half of which is underwater and half in the overworld. For this reason, it features Bloobers and Cheep-cheeps as well as the basic overworld enemies such as Little Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Piranha Plants. It also features a Balance Lift.
World 3-2 Screenshot of World 3-2 from Super Mario Bros. Special. A simple overworld level with Little Goombas and Koopa Troopas that starts and ends at nighttime while the majority of the level is in a daytime section with water appearing at times. It is shorter than the previous one.
World 3-3 Screenshot of World 3-3 from Super Mario Bros. Special. A level set on treetops featuring the same enemies as the previous one, this time featuring multiple normal and Balance Lifts. It contains a secret underground area with a 1 up Mushroom accessed through a Warp Pipe that is located near five treetops. It is a much more difficult level.
World 3-4 Screenshot of World 3-4 from Super Mario Bros. Special. The final level. It introduces the Tarusar and the Hammer while featuring loads of Fire-Bars to avoid.

Level maps[edit]


  • In World 3-1, the underwater tileset can be seen in an overworld part, as it looks like the player gets warped from underwater to above the same body of water.
  • World 3-2 can completely be bypassed by Small Mario, as the Warp Pipe leading to the main daytime section of the level has a one-space gap between it and the ceiling, which only Small Mario can go through. The player will stay in the nighttime section which contains both the start and the flagpole.
  • World 3-3 contains a dead end: there is a Balance Lift high in the sky that can be used only if going on treetops. However, the player chooses between traversing over those treetops or staying on the ground. If they choose the second option, there is a dead end, and the player is forced to go backwards.