World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros. Special)

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World 1-1
World-Level World 1-1
World World 1
Game Super Mario Bros. Special
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 1-1 is the first level of World 1, and subsequently, of Super Mario Bros. Special.


World 1-1 starts off with an empty plain followed by a ? Block containing a Magic Mushroom or Fire Flower. After this is a Little Goomba and two green Koopa Troopas beside a Warp Pipe next to a bottomless pit. Following these are three ? Blocks, all containing coins, which is proceeded by two green Koopa Troopas. After a Warp Pipe and a staircase made of Hard Blocks, there will be a set of three Brick Blocks with a set of three ? Blocks over them. The leftmost ? Block contains a Magic Mushroom or Fire Flower. To the right of this is a pit and a set of five Brick Blocks with two green Koopa Troopas on top of them. A Hidden Block is hidden under these Brick Blocks, which helps the player get a hidden 1 up Mushroom which to the right of the leftmost Brick Block. After this is another pit and two Little Goombas, along with a Koopa Troopa stuck between two Warp Pipes. Past this is a set of four Brick Blocks, with the middle-left Brick Block containing a Starman. Beside this is a set of seven Brick Blocks, leftmost being a Coin Block, over a Warp Pipe with a Little Goomba. In this Warp Pipe is a secret underground section, containing a room with a massive Brick Block ceiling and a row of coins leading to a Warp Pipe. If the player were to pass the Warp Pipe with the Little Goomba on it, they'd find two green Koopa Troopas and a set of five ? Blocks, all containing coins. After this is a set of four Brick Blocks under a set of four ? Blocks, leftmost containing a Magic Mushroom or Fire Flower. Past this is a lone green Koopa Troopa beside a Hard Block staircase leading to two sets of four Brick Blocks. The rightmost Brick Block on the highest set is a Coin Block. Following this is a set of five ? Blocks with two Little Goombas, which is proceeded by a Hard Block structure encapsulating a Hidden Block and a Warp Pipe. This Warp Pipe is the exit pipe if Mario were to go to the underground bonus room. After this are three Little Goombas proceeding a Hidden Block. If the player were to hit this Hidden Block, then hit another Hidden Block on top of this Hidden Block, then they can find a Hachisuke (pictured), which grants the player 8000 points. Past this is a Warp Pipe and a set of three ? Blocks. This is then following by the final Hard Block staircase, leading to the finishing flagpole.


Name Count
Little Goomba
Green Koopa Troopa

Level statistics[edit]

Feature Count Notes
88 21 in ? Blocks, 3 in Hidden Blocks, up to 10 in four Coin Blocks, and 24 in open air in the secret area.
Magic Mushroom
3 Replaced by Fire Flowers if Mario is already Super Mario.
Fire Flower
3 Replaces Magic Mushrooms if Mario is Super Mario.
1 Hidden in a Brick Block.
1 up Mushroom
1 Hidden in a Brick Block.
1 Hidden in a Hidden Block. Exclusive to World 1-1. Grants 8000 points.
Secret Area 1 Entrance to the secret area is in the fifth pipe. Contains 24 coins and 2 Coin Blocks. Exits out at the seventh pipe, near the end of the level.

Level map[edit]

Map of World 1-1
Map of World 1-1