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Not to be confused with Goal Pole.
An End of Level Flag
An artwork of Kiddy Kong reaching an End of Level Flag

End of Level Flags are special objects that appear at the end of most levels in the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Land III. To complete a level and return to the map screen, Dixie and Kiddy Kong must raise the stage's Level Flag. This is done by jumping and grabbing the rope attached to the flagpole located at the end of the level. The white flag on the other side of the rope then ascends into the air and blows in the wind. If the stage's Bonus Levels have been completed and its Bonus Coins collected, the flag flies fully. Otherwise, the flag flies limp on the flagpole.

Additionally, the Level Flag changes color as it is being raised for the first time. If Dixie pulls the flag up, the flag turns pink. If Kiddy grabs the rope, the End of Level Flag becomes blue. (The color of the flag cannot be changed by replaying and beating the level with the alternate Kong, except in the Game Boy Advance remake.) The raised, colored End of Level Flag then replaces the Krem Flag located on the map screen. This signifies that the Kremling Krew has been defeated in this area, and the Kongs can now pass by the stage anytime without having to replay the level.

If the COLOR cheat code is activated, flags will be purple if pulled by Dixie and green if pulled by Kiddy.

The Level Flag appears on the map screen as it appeared when being raised (pink vs. blue, flying fully vs. flying limp). As such, the Kongs can keep track of which Kong beat which level, and if they should replay a level to find any missing Bonus Coins. Additionally, a special gold pennant appears on the map screen Level Flag if the Kongs defeat the level's Koin and claim its DK Coin.


  • In the coral levels of Donkey Kong Land III, the flags are placed underwater.