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The interior of Funky's Rentals. The paper scroll above Dixie lists the available vehicles to use, the list expanding as the player gets farther in the game.

Funky's Rentals is a garage owned by Funky Kong in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is where Funky Kong builds his own watercraft, and leases them to Dixie and Kiddy Kong free of charge.

Located in the southern end of the Northern Kremisphere, Funky's Rentals is one of the first stops that Dixie Kong will make on her journey, as she will need a way to reach Lake Orangatanga. When Dixie first stops in at Funky's Rentals, Funky will agree to let her borrow his Motor Boat, in exchange for babysitting Kiddy, whom he will dump in her lap.

After defeating Arich in Kremwood Forest, the giant spider will drop a Patch. If Kongs bring the Patch to Funky, he can use it to patch up his Hover Craft, and let the Kongs use it to explore more areas of the Northern Kremisphere, for it is capable of driving over rocks.

Once the Kongs beat the bosses of Cotton-Top Cove and Mekanos, they'll acquire two Skis, one from each boss. By bringing these skis to Funky, he will use them to build the Turbo Ski, which can travel up waterfalls.

If the Kongs manage to collect all forty-one DK Coins in the game, Funky will build his Gyrocopter, which the Kongs must use in order to rescue three Banana Birds that are otherwise inaccessible.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of the game, Funky Kong also houses a caged Banana Bird at Funky's Rentals. In order to earn it, the Kongs must beat Funky's four new challenges: Destroy, Disarm, Protect and Race. The only challenge available at the start is the first one; more become available as Funky builds more vehicles.

Game Boy Advance Minigames[edit]


The Kongs must destroy ten Kremling boats before getting to the goal.


The Kongs must steal four mines from the Kremling base and take them to theirs.


The Protect minigame

Kremlings come from four angles, and they try to steal different Kongs (Cranky, Donkey, Lanky, Tiny, Diddy, Chunky, Dixie, Funky and Candy) and take them to their bases. Dixie and/or Kiddy must shoot down the Kremling boats before they can take the other Kongs away. If there is at least one Kong left in the water after two minutes have passed, the challenge is considered won.


The Kongs must race some Kremlings in their boat. The course is a circle, and there are three laps.


  • The four minigames in the GBA version are structured similar to Cobra Triangle, an NES game also made by Rare.