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MarioTrump NAP01.png

The Mario Playing Cards, also known as Mario Trump (「マリオトランプ」), are decks of French playing cards made by Nintendo and containing artwork related to the Mario universe. They were introduced in the years corresponding to the 25th and the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and they use the same NAP (Nintendo All Plastic) naming scheme as the classic trump cards made by Nintendo. The game levels, pixel art, and retro art decks were later made available on the My Nintendo Store in Europe on June 16, 2020.[1]

The 25th anniversary "Standard" deck makes an appearance in the Nintendo Switch title Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, where it can be unlocked and used in card games such as Speed.[2]

25th anniversary cards[edit]

NAP-01 (Pixel art)[edit]

The NAP-01 deck contains pixel art based mainly on the sprites of Super Mario Bros.

Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
NAP-01 Spades Ace.png NAP-01 Spades 2.png NAP-01 Spades 3.png NAP-01 Spades 4.png NAP-01 Spades 5.png NAP-01 Spades 6.png NAP-01 Spades 7.png NAP-01 Spades 8.png NAP-01 Spades 9.png NAP-01 Spades 10.png NAP-01 Spades Jack.png NAP-01 Spades Queen.png NAP-01 Spades King.png
NAP-01 Hearts Ace.png NAP-01 Hearts 2.png NAP-01 Hearts 3.png NAP-01 Hearts 4.png NAP-01 Hearts 5.png NAP-01 Hearts 6.png NAP-01 Hearts 7.png NAP-01 Hearts 8.png NAP-01 Hearts 9.png NAP-01 Hearts 10.png NAP-01 Hearts Jack.png NAP-01 Hearts Queen.png NAP-01 Hearts King.png
NAP-01 Clubs Ace.png NAP-01 Clubs 2.png NAP-01 Clubs 3.png NAP-01 Clubs 4.png NAP-01 Clubs 5.png NAP-01 Clubs 6.png NAP-01 Clubs 7.png NAP-01 Clubs 8.png NAP-01 Clubs 9.png NAP-01 Clubs 10.png NAP-01 Clubs Jack.png NAP-01 Clubs Queen.png NAP-01 Clubs King.png
NAP-01 Diamonds Ace.png NAP-01 Diamonds 2.png NAP-01 Diamonds 3.png NAP-01 Diamonds 4.png NAP-01 Diamonds 5.png NAP-01 Diamonds 6.png NAP-01 Diamonds 7.png NAP-01 Diamonds 8.png NAP-01 Diamonds 9.png NAP-01 Diamonds 10.png NAP-01 Diamonds Jack.png NAP-01 Diamonds Queen.png NAP-01 Diamonds King.png
Joker Card back
NAP-01 Joker 1.png NAP-01 Joker 2.png NAP-01 Back.png

NAP-02 (Standard)[edit]

The NAP-02 deck contains hand drawn artwork of many characters of the Mario universe.

Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
NAP-02 Spades Ace.png NAP-02 Spades 2.png NAP-02 Spades 3.png NAP-02 Spades 4.png NAP-02 Spades 5.png NAP-02 Spades 6.png NAP-02 Spades 7.png NAP-02 Spades 8.png NAP-02 Spades 9.png NAP-02 Spades 10.png NAP-02 Spades Jack.png NAP-02 Spades Queen.png NAP-02 Spades King.png
NAP-02 Hearts Ace.png NAP-02 Hearts 2.png NAP-02 Hearts 3.png NAP-02 Hearts 4.png NAP-02 Hearts 5.png NAP-02 Hearts 6.png NAP-02 Hearts 7.png NAP-02 Hearts 8.png NAP-02 Hearts 9.png NAP-02 Hearts 10.png NAP-02 Hearts Jack.png NAP-02 Hearts Queen.png NAP-02 Hearts King.png
NAP-02 Clubs Ace.png NAP-02 Clubs 2.png NAP-02 Clubs 3.png NAP-02 Clubs 4.png NAP-02 Clubs 5.png NAP-02 Clubs 6.png NAP-02 Clubs 7.png NAP-02 Clubs 8.png NAP-02 Clubs 9.png NAP-02 Clubs 10.png NAP-02 Clubs Jack.png NAP-02 Clubs Queen.png NAP-02 Clubs King.png
NAP-02 Diamonds Ace.png NAP-02 Diamonds 2.png NAP-02 Diamonds 3.png NAP-02 Diamonds 4.png NAP-02 Diamonds 5.png NAP-02 Diamonds 6.png NAP-02 Diamonds 7.png NAP-02 Diamonds 8.png NAP-02 Diamonds 9.png NAP-02 Diamonds 10.png NAP-02 Diamonds Jack.png NAP-02 Diamonds Queen.png NAP-02 Diamonds King.png
Joker Card back
NAP-02 Joker 1.png NAP-02 Joker 2.png NAP-02 Back.png

NAP-03 (Neon)[edit]

The NAP-03 deck contains 3D computer graphics artwork of many characters of the Mario universe.

Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
NAP-03 Spades Ace.png NAP-03 Spades 2.png NAP-03 Spades 3.png NAP-03 Spades 4.png NAP-03 Spades 5.png NAP-03 Spades 6.png NAP-03 Spades 7.png NAP-03 Spades 8.png NAP-03 Spades 9.png NAP-03 Spades 10.png NAP-03 Spades Jack.png NAP-03 Spades Queen.png NAP-03 Spades King.png
NAP-03 Hearts Ace.png NAP-03 Hearts 2.png NAP-03 Hearts 3.png NAP-03 Hearts 4.png NAP-03 Hearts 5.png NAP-03 Hearts 6.png NAP-03 Hearts 7.png NAP-03 Hearts 8.png NAP-03 Hearts 9.png NAP-03 Hearts 10.png NAP-03 Hearts Jack.png NAP-03 Hearts Queen.png NAP-03 Hearts King.png
NAP-03 Clubs Ace.png NAP-03 Clubs 2.png NAP-03 Clubs 3.png NAP-03 Clubs 4.png NAP-03 Clubs 5.png NAP-03 Clubs 6.png NAP-03 Clubs 7.png NAP-03 Clubs 8.png NAP-03 Clubs 9.png NAP-03 Clubs 10.png NAP-03 Clubs Jack.png NAP-03 Clubs Queen.png NAP-03 Clubs King.png
NAP-03 Diamonds Ace.png NAP-03 Diamonds 2.png NAP-03 Diamonds 3.png NAP-03 Diamonds 4.png NAP-03 Diamonds 5.png NAP-03 Diamonds 6.png NAP-03 Diamonds 7.png NAP-03 Diamonds 8.png NAP-03 Diamonds 9.png NAP-03 Diamonds 10.png NAP-03 Diamonds Jack.png NAP-03 Diamonds Queen.png NAP-03 Diamonds King.png
Joker Card back
NAP-03 Joker 1.png NAP-03 Joker 2.png NAP-03 Back.png

30th anniversary cards[edit]

NAP-04 (Game levels)[edit]

The NAP-04 deck contains scenes from game stages that form a level map if cards of the same suit are arranged in ascending order. The level maps are taken from the four games featured in Super Mario Maker: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
NAP-04 Spades Ace.png NAP-04 Spades 2.png NAP-04 Spades 3.png NAP-04 Spades 4.png NAP-04 Spades 5.png NAP-04 Spades 6.png NAP-04 Spades 7.png NAP-04 Spades 8.png NAP-04 Spades 9.png NAP-04 Spades 10.png NAP-04 Spades Jack.png NAP-04 Spades Queen.png NAP-04 Spades King.png
NAP-04 Hearts Ace.png NAP-04 Hearts 2.png NAP-04 Hearts 3.png NAP-04 Hearts 4.png NAP-04 Hearts 5.png NAP-04 Hearts 6.png NAP-04 Hearts 7.png NAP-04 Hearts 8.png NAP-04 Hearts 9.png NAP-04 Hearts 10.png NAP-04 Hearts Jack.png NAP-04 Hearts Queen.png NAP-04 Hearts King.png
NAP-04 Clubs Ace.png NAP-04 Clubs 2.png NAP-04 Clubs 3.png NAP-04 Clubs 4.png NAP-04 Clubs 5.png NAP-04 Clubs 6.png NAP-04 Clubs 7.png NAP-04 Clubs 8.png NAP-04 Clubs 9.png NAP-04 Clubs 10.png NAP-04 Clubs Jack.png NAP-04 Clubs Queen.png NAP-04 Clubs King.png
NAP-04 Diamonds Ace.png NAP-04 Diamonds 2.png NAP-04 Diamonds 3.png NAP-04 Diamonds 4.png NAP-04 Diamonds 5.png NAP-04 Diamonds 6.png NAP-04 Diamonds 7.png NAP-04 Diamonds 8.png NAP-04 Diamonds 9.png NAP-04 Diamonds 10.png NAP-04 Diamonds Jack.png NAP-04 Diamonds Queen.png NAP-04 Diamonds King.png
Joker Card back
NAP-04 Joker 1.png NAP-04 Joker 2.png NAP-04 Back.png

NAP-05 (Characters Picture Book)[edit]

The NAP-05 deck contains 3D computer graphics artwork of many characters in the Mario universe, along with the name of the character in katakana and its romanization.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
NAP-05 Spades 1.png NAP-05 Spades 2.png NAP-05 Spades 3.png NAP-05 Spades 4.png NAP-05 Spades 5.png NAP-05 Spades 6.png NAP-05 Spades 7.png NAP-05 Spades 8.png NAP-05 Spades 9.png NAP-05 Spades 10.png NAP-05 Spades Jack.png NAP-05 Spades Queen.png NAP-05 Spades King.png
NAP-05 Hearts 1.png NAP-05 Hearts 2.png NAP-05 Hearts 3.png NAP-05 Hearts 4.png NAP-05 Hearts 5.png NAP-05 Hearts 6.png NAP-05 Hearts 7.png NAP-05 Hearts 8.png NAP-05 Hearts 9.png NAP-05 Hearts 10.png NAP-05 Hearts Jack.png NAP-05 Hearts Queen.png NAP-05 Hearts King.png
NAP-05 Clubs 1.png NAP-05 Clubs 2.png NAP-05 Clubs 3.png NAP-05 Clubs 4.png NAP-05 Clubs 5.png NAP-05 Clubs 6.png NAP-05 Clubs 7.png NAP-05 Clubs 8.png NAP-05 Clubs 9.png NAP-05 Clubs 10.png NAP-05 Clubs Jack.png NAP-05 Clubs Queen.png NAP-05 Clubs King.png
NAP-05 Diamonds 1.png NAP-05 Diamonds 2.png NAP-05 Diamonds 3.png NAP-05 Diamonds 4.png NAP-05 Diamonds 5.png NAP-05 Diamonds 6.png NAP-05 Diamonds 7.png NAP-05 Diamonds 8.png NAP-05 Diamonds 9.png NAP-05 Diamonds 10.png NAP-05 Diamonds Jack.png NAP-05 Diamonds Queen.png NAP-05 Diamonds King.png
Joker Card back
NAP-05 Joker 1.png NAP-05 Joker 2.png NAP-05 Back.png

NAP-06 (Retro Art)[edit]

The NAP-06 deck contains artwork of the NES and SNES era, recolored using only gradations of red and gray.

Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
NAP-06 Spades Ace.png NAP-06 Spades 2.png NAP-06 Spades 3.png NAP-06 Spades 4.png NAP-06 Spades 5.png NAP-06 Spades 6.png NAP-06 Spades 7.png NAP-06 Spades 8.png NAP-06 Spades 9.png NAP-06 Spades 10.png NAP-06 Spades Jack.png NAP-06 Spades Queen.png NAP-06 Spades King.png
NAP-06 Hearts Ace.png NAP-06 Hearts 2.png NAP-06 Hearts 3.png NAP-06 Hearts 4.png NAP-06 Hearts 5.png NAP-06 Hearts 6.png NAP-06 Hearts 7.png NAP-06 Hearts 8.png NAP-06 Hearts 9.png NAP-06 Hearts 10.png NAP-06 Hearts Jack.png NAP-06 Hearts Queen.png NAP-06 Hearts King.png
NAP-06 Clubs Ace.png NAP-06 Clubs 2.png NAP-06 Clubs 3.png NAP-06 Clubs 4.png NAP-06 Clubs 5.png NAP-06 Clubs 6.png NAP-06 Clubs 7.png NAP-06 Clubs 8.png NAP-06 Clubs 9.png NAP-06 Clubs 10.png NAP-06 Clubs Jack.png NAP-06 Clubs Queen.png NAP-06 Clubs King.png
NAP-06 Diamonds Ace.png NAP-06 Diamonds 2.png NAP-06 Diamonds 3.png NAP-06 Diamonds 4.png NAP-06 Diamonds 5.png NAP-06 Diamonds 6.png NAP-06 Diamonds 7.png NAP-06 Diamonds 8.png NAP-06 Diamonds 9.png NAP-06 Diamonds 10.png NAP-06 Diamonds Jack.png NAP-06 Diamonds Queen.png NAP-06 Diamonds King.png
Joker Card back
NAP-06 Joker 1.png NAP-06 Joker 2.png NAP-06 Back.png


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