Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary

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Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary
Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary logo
Subject Super Mario series debut
(September 13, 1985)
Years celebrated 30 years (as of 2015)
Start date April 1, 2015
End date December 2015
Preceded by The Year of Luigi
Succeeded by Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary

The Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary was a celebration throughout 2015 of 30 years since the start of the mainline Super Mario series with the release of Super Mario Bros. in 1985. The celebration was originally announced during the April 1, 2015, Nintendo Direct,[1] and it was being commemorated with events, tie-ins, and merchandise, culminating with the release of Super Mario Maker for Wii U in September, near the original release date of Super Mario Bros.

The official celebration ended in December 2015.



  • Super Mario Maker
  • Two special edition 8-bit Mario amiibo were released alongside Super Mario Maker, in "Classic" and "Modern" color schemes.
  • Super Mario Maker-themed cover plates were released as part of a New Nintendo 3DS bundle in Japan for the holiday season.[2]


  • "Let's Super Mario," a video campaign in which fans submitted videos to the website to celebrate; any ad revenue generated by these videos was donated by Nintendo to Operation Smile.
  • "Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Live," a concert series performed by the Super Mario Big Band in Osaka on September 20, 2015, and Tokyo on September 21.[3]
  • Between June 22 and July 21, 2015, Tower Records teamed up with Nintendo for a special summer sale and a Super Mario-themed cafe menu.[4]
  • Nintendo hosted a 30th anniversary festival in Shibuya on September 13, 2015, featuring a number of artists performing Super Mario music.[5]


  • A set of Super Mario-themed Hot Wheels cars was released in October as part of its "Pop Culture" line of products. The line featured six cars, each based upon a different game, including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and Dr. Mario; only the cars themed after the platforming games, however, are branded with the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary logo.[6]
  • The 30th Anniversary Super Mario Bros. Music, a Japan-exclusive two-disc soundtrack containing music from eighteen Super Mario games released over the series' history, including music from Super Mario Maker.[7]
  • Three new decks of Mario Trump cards.
  • Mario Hanafuda, similar to Club Nintendo Hanafuda.
  • Super Mario Memorial Book, a 100-page Japanese book containing information about Super Mario Bros.' history, a list of characters in the games, a section about amiibo related to the Super Mario universe, interviews, and other information.[8]
  • Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros., a 256-page encyclopedia covering seventeen Super Mario games released over the series' history and featuring characters, enemies, power-ups, items, stages, techniques, and graphics throughout the franchise.[9]
  • Nintendo UK offered a free Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary T-shirt to anyone who purchased select Super Mario products from the Nintendo Official UK Store.[10]
  • Furuta has released special Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Choco Eggs containing one of fourteen Super Mario-themed figures.[11]
  • Luxary watchmaker Romain Jerome has teamed up with Nintendo to release a Super Mario Bros.-themed watch as part of its "Generational Icons" collection in honor of the 30th anniversary.[12] The watch features 3D metallic renditions of Mario's sprite (using his modern colors), a bush, a cloud, and a Super Mushroom. The watch is limited to 85 pieces (referencing the 1985 release year of the game) and retails at $18,950.[13]
  • "Super Moschino," a line of clothes and accessories based on the Super Mario series produced as a collaboration between Nintendo and Italian fashion brand Moschino, was released on December 5.[14]
  • A 45-cm tall plush toy made by Taito and Nintendo in Japan, which features enemies and items patrons all over Mario's overalls and shirt.


  • A mural of an 8-bit Mario made up of other assets from the original Super Mario Bros. was painted in Shoreditch, London.[15]
  • A section of the Hyper Japan Festival 2015 convention hall in London was dedicated to the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary.[16]
  • A folding screen in the Rimpa school of Japanese based upon Fujin Raijin-zu Byobu was created featuring Mario and Luigi taking the roles of Fujin and Raijin (the Japanese thunder and wind gods), done to celebrate not only the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary but also the 400th anniversary of the Rimpa school's founding.[17]
  • Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto, a promotional video by Nintendo of Europe in which Shigeru Miyamoto answers various questions, rumors, and myths regarding the franchise.[18]


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