Platinum Playing Cards: Official Club Nintendo Collection

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The deck and some of the card faces
The later edition, called Premium Mario Playing Cards

The Platinum Playing Cards: Official Club Nintendo Collection (or just simply Platinum Playing Cards, called Premium Mario Playing Cards in a later edition) is a deck of American playing cards released through Club Nintendo in 2012 and 2014 for platinum status members. The cards are numbered and named in the same fashion as standard trump cards, but are stylized with Mario items and characters; the spades have Super Mushrooms, the hearts have 1-Up Mushrooms, the clubs have Fire Flowers, and the diamonds have Coins. Luigi, Princess Peach, and Mario are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings respectively, with Bowser being the Jokers. The cards are also holographic and have transparent segments, with the faces of the cards being a silver sheen and the back being gold.

Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
PPC Spades Ace.png PPC Spades 2.png PPC Spades 3.png PPC Spades 4.png PPC Spades 5.png PPC Spades 6.png PPC Spades 7.png PPC Spades 8.png PPC Spades 9.png PPC Spades 10.png PPC Spades Jack.png PPC Spades Queen.png PPC Spades King.png
PPC Hearts Ace.png PPC Hearts 2.png PPC Hearts 3.png PPC Hearts 4.png PPC Hearts 5.png PPC Hearts 6.png PPC Hearts 7.png PPC Hearts 8.png PPC Hearts 9.png PPC Hearts 10.png PPC Hearts Jack.png PPC Hearts Queen.png PPC Hearts King.png
PPC Clubs Ace.png PPC Clubs 2.png PPC Clubs 3.png PPC Clubs 4.png PPC Clubs 5.png PPC Clubs 6.png PPC Clubs 7.png PPC Clubs 8.png PPC Clubs 9.png PPC Clubs 10.png PPC Clubs Jack.png PPC Clubs Queen.png PPC Clubs King.png
PPC Diamonds Ace.png PPC Diamonds 2.png PPC Diamonds 3.png PPC Diamonds 4.png PPC Diamonds 5.png PPC Diamonds 6.png PPC Diamonds 7.png PPC Diamonds 8.png PPC Diamonds 9.png PPC Diamonds 10.png PPC Diamonds Jack.png PPC Diamonds Queen.png PPC Diamonds King.png
Joker Card Back
PPC Joker 1.png PPC Joker 2.png PPC Back.png