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Advertisement for Super Mario World themed cookies from Sunshine Biscuits.
Advertisement for Super Mario Bros. cookies

Sunshine Biscuits was an American food manufacturer that mainly focused on cereals, cookies, and crackers. From 1992 to 1993, the company sold chocolate-, cinnamon-, and honey-flavored cookies in the shape of characters from Super Mario World.[1]


From June to New Year's Eve of 1992, Sunshine Biscuits hosted a giveaway consisting of various Nintendo products. Customers would have to find a "winning game piece" under the top flap of specially marked cookie boxes and send it to the Sunshine Biscuits company headquarters.[2]

Prize Chance of winning Number of items available
Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a Super Mario World cartridge 1:24,000 100
Game Boy with a Super Mario Land cartridge 1:12,000 200
Super Mario World Nelsonic Game Watch with headphones 1:8,000 300
Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch 1:6,000 400
Prepaid one-year subscription to Nintendo Power 1:4,800 500



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