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Logo of Jupiter
Founded June 11, 1992
First Super Mario game Mario's Picross
Latest Super Mario game Club Nintendo Picross+
Current president Makoto Nakayama

The Jupiter Corporation is a Japanese video game developer based in Kyoto. It was established on June 11, 1992.[1] The company developed most games of the Picross series, including its six Super Mario themed installments Mario's Picross, Mario's Super Picross, Picross 2, Picross NP, Club Nintendo Picross (released in 2012 for Japanese Club Nintendo users for Nintendo 3DS[2]) and Club Nintendo Picross+ (released in 2014 for Japanese Club Nintendo Premium users for Nintendo 3DS[3]). Jupiter mostly creates games for Nintendo's handheld consoles. The company is also responsible for various Nintendo licensed products, including accessories for the Nintendo DS as well as papercrafts. Most of these products are based on the Pokémon franchise, but there is also an aluminum case for DS game cards featuring a WarioWare: Touched! design available.[4]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 株式会社ジュピター
Kabushiki-gaisha Jupitā
Jupiter Co.


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