Game Freak

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Game Freak
Founded April 26, 1989­
First Mario game Yoshi­
Latest Mario game Mario & Wario (Japan only)­
Current president Satoshi Tajiri

Game Freak (stylized as GAME FREAK) is a Japanese video game company, which is best known for developing the popular Pokémon series, and since creating the first Pokémon games, became a second-party company for Nintendo. Before the Pokémon series, they worked for other companies such as Sony and Sega. They also made some Mario games, including Yoshi and Mario & Wario, the latter of which was only released in Japan.

Mario-related games developed[edit]

Title Year Released Console
Yoshi 1991 NES, Game Boy
Mario & Wario (Japan only) 1993 Super Famicom
Game Boy Camera 1998 Game Boy

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