Super Mario World (Nelsonic Game Watch)

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A Super Mario World Nelsonic Game Watch
The Super Mario World game watch

Super Mario World, also known as Super Mario Bros. 4 (on the bezel) and Super Mario 4 (in the instruction leaflet), is the third of four Nelsonic Game Watch games based on the Super Mario franchise. This LCD game watch was released by Nelsonic and licensed by Nintendo in 1991 as a product tie-in for the North American release of Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game watch was distributed in Europe by Zeon, which made a gray bezel version available there. Like with the other Nelsonic games, the instruction leaflet contains unusual and inconsistent terminology.


The watch itself consists of six buttons: two grey ones (one for "Mode" and one for "Set") and four red ones (left, right, down, and up/jump). Unlike most Nelsonic Game Watches, this one comes with earphones, which can be plugged into the watch. To play the game with sound, "Mode" and "right" must be pressed. "Mode" and "left" are for the silent game mode.

The top left of the screen is the overworld Dinosaur Island, where Mario begins his quest. The bottom left is the Strategy Sea, consisting of moving platforms. The bottom right is Koopa's Dragon Island, which has a vine that connects to Koopa's Hill on the top right. Koopa's Hill is actually a series of steps in the sky where Koopa's Dragon (or simply "Koopa") floats in his Koopa Clown Car.


The story takes place after the Super Mario Bros. 3 game watch. The princess has been captured again by the evil Koopa's Dragon, and it is up to Mario to rescue her. The player starts with three lives, and there is a maximum of four.

From Dinosaur Island, Mario must dodge the evil birds and flying tortoises coming at him from the right. He must jump to grab the dinosaur head, which reveals the dinosaur egg. As Mario rides the dinosaur, the dinosaur can eat the flying tortoise and cross the bridge; however, the bridge disappears at certain moments, which can cost a life. A fruit that the dinosaur can eat is also above the bridge, but it appears intermittently. After crossing the bridge, Mario breaks through the barrier and takes the secret tunnel down to the Strategy Sea. There, he must jump across floating platforms to get to the globfish that will take him to Koopa's Dragon Island. There is also a gold coin worth 10 points above the last floating platform. He must find the key and avoid the wicked witch and climb up the vine to Koopa's Hill. He needs to dodge Koopa's fireballs to get the Super Fur to equip its poncho. Mario then has 15 seconds to whip Koopa thrice, or he falls back to the Strategy Sea. If he succeeds, he rescues the princess. Afterwards, the game is over, and the player gets to start all over with a higher difficulty level (there are four levels).


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