Dr. Luigi

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This article is about the doctor persona of Luigi. For the game, see Dr. Luigi (game).
Dr. Luigi
Dr Luigi - Dr Mario Miracle Cure.png
Full name Doctor Luigi Mario
Species Human
First appearance Dr. Luigi (2013)
Latest appearance Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (2015)

Dr. Luigi is the persona/doctor form that Luigi takes starting with the game Dr. Luigi. Dr. Luigi did not begin wearing a head mirror, similar to Dr. Mario, until Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure.

Like Dr. Mario, Luigi in his doctor persona makes use of megavitamins to defeat Viruses. In a similar fashion to Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi will toss megavitamins that the player has to control in order to eliminate the Viruses.

It has been suggested that Dr. Luigi has a more laid-back personality than his brother, as in the introduction cutscene to Dr. Luigi, he is seen walking slowly with a tired look on his face. After he sees the Viruses however, he becomes shocked, and prepares megavitamins for use, now looking worried.[1]

Dr. Luigi appears again in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, where he uses the same gameplay as in Dr. Luigi's "Operation L" mode. This marks the first appearance of Dr. Luigi on a handheld. Also, he is not seen with his hat, but instead with a head mirror, just like his brother.