Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land

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The box of Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land

Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land (Japanese: スーパーマリオワールド マリオとヨッシーの冒険ランド Sūpā Mario Wārudo Mario to Yosshī no Bōken Rando), or Super Mario World: Mario & Yoshi's Adventure Land, is an interactive anime video based on the game Super Mario World. It is designed for use with Bandai's Terebikko system, which utilizes a telephone-shaped microphone to "interact" with the video. It asks the viewer multiple choice questions, such as what will hatch from Yoshi's egg.


In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi receive a postcard from Princess Peach, who is in Dinosaur Land with Yoshi. The brothers board an airplane to visit them. While on the plane, Mario tests out the Terebikko phone to call the viewer watching. When the plane lands, however, they find an empty airport. Suddenly, King Koopa teleports in front of them and announces his evil plan, then proceeds to leave the same way. On Yoshi's Island, Luigi hits a Block, and an egg comes out, much to the brothers' surprise. Luigi calls the viewer, and a green tail cracks out of the egg. Luigi then asks the viewer what will hatch from the egg: 1. Yoshi, 2. Koopa Troopa, 3. Cheep Cheep, or 4. Rex. Yoshi then hatches from the egg. After some explanations and plan-making, Mario and Luigi hop on Yoshi's back.

The group comes across a bridge, when a horde of Koopa Troopas, Rexes, and Chargin' Chucks suddenly appears to block their way, led by Iggy. Mario consults the viewer on how to take care of this, and takes care of all the common enemies. Iggy summons some Koopa Paratroopas and Monty Moles, but Yoshi quickly takes care of them by eating a Green Shell and breathing fire on them. Iggy flees and leaves behind another egg, which hatches into an injured Yellow Yoshi. After getting information from the Yoshi, the heroes cross the bridge into Donut Plains. They come across a Ghost House, and Luigi and Yoshi are paralyzed with fear when an unseen voice speaks to them. The fearless Mario urges them to push on, however, and they all enter the house. Once inside, they are stalked by Boos, but whenever Luigi turns to look, they turn into blocks. Eventually, he turns fast enough to see them and screams, and the Boos start swarming the group. Mario asks the viewer what item they should use to repel the Boos: 1. Candle, 2. Mushroom, 3. Fire Flower, or 4. Coin. Mario uses the candle, and the Boos retreat. One of them drops a key, which Luigi retrieves. Mario finds many keyholes on the wall, however, so Luigi calls the viewer to ask which keyhole to use: 1. yellow, 2. blue, 3. green, or 4. orange. Mario inserts the key into the correct keyhole and a large key-shaped door appears.

Later, in Vanilla Dome the group finds themselves stuck, with lava stretched in front of them. They spot three switches, yellow, green, and red, when a Magikoopa shows up, followed by Lemmy. Mario calls the viewer and shows them a diagram of colored blocks forming a bridge across the lava, corresponding to the colors of the switches. He asks which switch, based on the order of the blocks, would make blocks appear in the best formation: 1. yellow switch, 2. green switch, or 3. red switch. The blocks appear and Mario runs across. The Magikoopa flies away, but Mario beats Lemmy up and sends him flying, dropping another egg. The group takes the egg to Twin Bridges, where it hatches into a red Baby Yoshi. The Baby Yoshi runs ahead and swallows some Paratroopas, growing into a full grown Red Yoshi immediately after. Sneaking past some Goombas, the group and the Red Yoshi move forward. Luigi hits a block, causing a Beanstalk to grow out of it. Climbing up, they discover a Coin Heaven. Yoshi calls the viewer and shows Mario and Luigi on different paths, with different coin amounts and groups. He asks the viewer who will collect more coins: 1. Mario, or 2. Luigi. The brothers count their coins and Luigi has more, disappointing Mario. Yoshi reminds them they should probably get back down, so Mario climbs on Yoshi and Luigi climbs on Red Yoshi, and the two Yoshis jump down.

The group crashes in the Forest of Illusion and are surrounded by trees with sinister faces. A Wiggler suddenly pops out of a flower patch to greet them and shows them half a fruit. Luigi calls the viewer to ask what the fruit is. It turns out to be an apple and Luigi gives the Wiggler a whole apple in exchange for directions. After getting information from a friendly apple tree, the group dives underwater to continue their journey. The heroes encounter a fortress on Chocolate Island filled with traps. When the spiked ceiling starts falling, the viewer is asked which gap in the floor the group should go to. After this close call, the group makes it to the end of the castle, where they find Larry, Ludwig, Wendy, Roy, and Morton waiting for them. Larry, Ludwig, Roy, and Morton step aside as Wendy steps forward and creates copies of herself. Mario calls the viewer and shows them a picture of Wendy, and asks them to match one of four choices to it. Wendy charges forward and Mario dodges, leaving Wendy clinging to the edge of the platform above lava. The other Koopalings attack, and Mario stomps them, but they get back up. Red Yoshi hits a block and a Cape Feather pops out. Mario grabs it to become Caped Mario and spins to knock the Koopalings away. The heroes then discover a hoard of Yoshi eggs in the fortress.

The rescued Yoshis thank Mario and decide to destroy the fortress. There are four plungers hooked up to explosives, but only one leads to the fortress. Mario calls the viewer to ask which one to detonate. At first the explosives don't detonate, and Mario asks Luigi what's wrong. But the explosives detonate after this, and as Luigi is in the blast zone, he gets caught in it, which Mario and the Yoshis laugh off. Angry at this, Luigi runs away, crying. Because of this, Mario and Yoshi go to the Valley of the Koopas alone. A Dry Bones acts as a guard there, and the two try to carry their mission out in stealth. However, the two were wet from swimming there and Yoshi sneezes, attracting the guard's attention. Meanwhile, Red Yoshi tries to talk Luigi into helping his brother. Back in the valley, the Dry Bones throws Mario and Yoshi down a hole. When Mario regains consciousness, he finds Princess Peach in a cage and is greeted by King Koopa in his Koopa Clown and an army of Mechakoopas. Suddenly, Luigi and Red Yoshi burst through the door. Luigi throws Mario a mushroom and the two brothers start to fight. They stomp Mechakoopas and kick them at King Koopa, but he always dodges. Mario asks the viewer how they should fight King Koopa. Eventually, they hit King Koopa in the face and he spins out of control and flies away. With Dinosaur Land safe, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Red Yoshi sit down for a picnic and some cake. Peach kisses Mario and Luigi on their cheeks in thanks, causing them to blush. Mario calls the viewer to thank them. After hanging up, he and his friends say goodbye to the viewer.

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  • Unlike other Japanese animations, Princess Peach is depicted as a redhead instead of a blonde, similar to the DIC Entertainment cartoons and her sprites from the NES Mario games except for NES Open Tournament Golf.
  • At one point during the film, Yoshi eats a Green Shell, causing him to spit out fire. In Super Mario World, Green Shells do not give Yoshi any abilities. Instead, Red Shells make him spit fire.
  • The Red Shell, Blue Shell, and Yellow Shell are all absent from the film, leaving the Green Shell as the only color of Koopa Shells in this film.
  • In the next scene, when Luigi talks to his brother, Princess Peach has no gloves.

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