Celebrate Mar. 10 - Mario Day!

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Celebrate Mar. 10 - Mario Day!
Celebrate Mario 10.jpg
Platform(s) YouTube
Upload date(s) March 10, 2016[1]

"Celebrate Mar. 10 - Mario Day!" is a short video uploaded to Nintendo of America's official YouTube channel to celebrate Mario Day. The video makes several references to Super Mario Maker.


On Thursday, March 10, Mario enters the office with an elevator and quietly walks by the employees. He first walks by two women, after which a Mario Cap appears on each of their heads. He then walks by the five monitors, which causes them to spell "MARIO" with blocks and objects from Super Mario Maker (Super Mario Bros. style). After that, he points his fingers at two employees, causing their notepads to turn into the Nintendo 2DS. When he walks by a guy that throws paper balls in the bin, his paper balls turn into fireballs from Super Mario Bros. Mario then walks by a guy three times, causing plushies of the characters from the series to appear around him. After that, he snaps his fingers near an office, causing the screen to change what it is displaying from a graph to a video of Super Mario Maker. Before leaving, he sneaks behind a guy and hits a Hidden Block that releases a Super Mushroom, which then falls on this guy, increasing his size. Mario then leaves through an elevator. None of the employees appear to have noticed.


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