LEGO Super Mario Goal

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LEGO Super Mario Goal
Icon for LEGO Super Mario Goal
Developer PlayWorks Digital Limited
Publisher Sky Italia
Platform(s) Sky Italia (cable box)
Release date January 17, 2024
Language(s) Italiano
Genre Sports
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Remote control

LEGO Super Mario Goal, referred to simply as Lego Mario in the cable box menu and as Super Mario Lego Goal in the game's description, is a game released in 2024 by Play.Works. It is a soccer game loosely based on the LEGO Super Mario toy line, featuring LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi in the loading screen and LEGO Princess Peach in the winning and losing screens. The game's promotional artwork is repurposed from New Super Mario Bros. U. It is an altered version of a game released in 2020 by the same developer named Pongoal.[1]

The game was designed for the Italian market, and is only available on cable boxes by Sky Italia. It was released alongside LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog and LEGO Minecraft card-matching games.


The game is played from a top-down perspective of a soccer field and features gameplay similar to Pong. The player controls a red LEGO brick with Mario's hat on the right side of the screen as the paddle, while the computer controls a green LEGO brick with Luigi's hat on the left side. The player can move the brick up and down by using the up and down arrow buttons and pause the game with the back button. To win the game, the player has to score ten goals against the computer opponent. Likewise, if the opponent scores ten goals, the player loses the game. Additionally, the soccer ball increases its speed every time it is hit by a brick. In the game's options, the player can change the difficulty from easy to hard and the ball's speed from 1x to 2x.

Game description[edit]

  • English:
    Mario and Luigi are playing soccer in this crazy Super Mario Lego Goal challenge – Be the first to reach 10 goals before your opponent to win the game!
  • Italian:
    Mario e Luigi giocano a calcio nella folle sfida di Super Mario Lego Goal: metti a segno 10 gol prima del tuo avversario per vincere la partita!




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