Mario Kart XXL

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Mario Kart XXL
Mario Kart XXL (cancelled) being played on a Gamecube
Developer Denaris Entertainment Software
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date N/A
Genre Racing
Rating(s) Not Rated
Mode(s) Single-player
Game Boy Advance:
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Game Boy Advance:

Mario Kart XXL is a Game Boy Advance tech demo created by Denaris Entertainment Software for Nintendo in 2004.[1] It demonstrates the Game Boy Advance's ability to render and scale/rotate two different background layers.


Mario Kart XXL consists of a 3-lap trial run on a floating track similar to Peach Circuit, with a layer below the track depicting several beach islands in an ocean resembling Shy Guy Beach. The player plays as Mario, who is rendered in full 3D from an overhead, behind-the-back view. Driving physics are basic: the player can pass through walls, off-road does not slow the kart down, and the Coins present on the track cannot be collected, although Mario can fall out of bounds and into the sea below the track. The camera often zooms in and out automatically, though the player can press R Button to zoom in and L Button to zoom out manually. Transparent windows showing the lower background layer are present near the beginning and closing sections of the track.

XXL's main menu features two options: "Play" and "Demo", the latter of which, as its name indicates, shows an automatic playthrough of the demo when selected that repeats after finishing. Pressing Select Button at any point in either mode returns the player to the main menu.


  • The demo's main music track is a rendition of the "Canyon" music from the German-exclusive PlayStation game Moorhuhn Kart.[2] Both games were developed (in part) by Denaris Entertainment Software.[1]
    • There was also a PC variant of Moorhuhn Kart labeled "Moorhuhn Kart XXL".[3] All of these factors combined may imply that Mario Kart XXL was once a Moorhuhn project, but was turned into a Mario demo for unknown reasons.
  • Despite being a Game Boy Advance demo, the video-recorded copy of the game is in a Game Boy Color cartridge shell.


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