Terebi Denwa: Super Mario World

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Terebi Denwa: Super Mario World
A Terebi Denwa: Super Mario World cabinet.
Developer Banpresto
Publisher Banpresto
Release date Japan 1992
Language(s) Japanese
Genre Arcade

Terebi Denwa: Super Mario World is a Japan-exclusive arcade game released in 1992 by Banpresto. The machine is 128 centimeters tall and 50 centimeters on all sides, and it weighs 28 kilograms. It uses an alternating current of 100 volts, 50–60 hertz, and 80 watts.


To play Terebi Denwa: Super Mario World, players have to insert a ¥100 coin, receive a card from the bottom of the cabinet, and insert it back into the card slot. Afterwards, they are given the option to play a game with puzzle-based questions or action-based questions.

Like in Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land, the player uses a telephone to interact with the game by listening to its speaker and pressing numbered buttons. The game continues if the player incorrectly answers a question and cannot receive a game over.[1]

The game ends with a screen featuring Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. The player also receives another card.[2]





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てれびでんわスーパーマリオワールド
Terebi Denwa Sūpā Mario Wārudo
Television Telephone: Super Mario World


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