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Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher 2 (マリオパーティ ふしぎのコロコロキャッチャー2 Mario Pāti Fushigi no Korokoro Kyacchā 2, lit. "Mario Party Mysterious Rolling Catcher 2", with "korokoro" being an onomatopoeia for a small object rolling) is the Japan-only arcade game sequel to Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher, also developed by Capcom. It is based on Mario Party 8 and was released in fall of 2013. Information is scarce on this sequel, as unlike its predecessor there is no official website or trailer. It is the fifth Mario Party arcade game developed by Capcom and the eighteenth installment overall.


The coin pusher has 8 stations, each with two spots for players to insert coins. The goal is for the players to drop balls to the trigger the Jackpot chance as they try to win one of 4 possible jackpots; up to 3 additional balls can be dropped in comparison to the original, leading to a higher possible payout. Mario is the only playable character available, though other characters will appear as opponents in some minigames.

The boards that can be picked are much different compared to the first version. Just like the original coin pusher, plays attempt to drop coins into the checker to fill a stock of Dice Blocks, which can hold up to 9 at once; players can overfill the stock, which will multiply their token payouts up to 3 times the normal amount (e.g. a 50 token payout from a red dice block gives a 150 token payout instead). Players use the Dice Blocks to advance Mario's position on the board and reach the goal, and spaces may contain normal blocks or special Mario Kart-style item blocks that can be hit to win one of the following:

  1. An immediate token payout ranging from 10-50 token payouts at once, which can be multiplied by the amount of Dice Blocks in stock.
  2. A minigame begins.
  3. A star will appear in a meter shown on-screen; when this fills up all the way, the Treacherous Tightrope minigame will begin.
  4. The player receives a Candy, which is immediately used.
  5. The player enters a "Crane Challenge" that can be played up to 3 times.
  6. The player receives darts, which can be used in the Goal Bonus minigame.
  7. The player goes to "Cloon Challenge".
  8. The player goes to the Jackpot Challenge.

There are two special spaces that Mario can land on to trigger events:

  1. A VS Space will activate the Cardiators minigame, where Mario plays against the opposing character shown on the VS space.
  2. ? and Lucky spaces allow Mario to win medals, and can possibly activate other events.

Candy Bonus[edit]

Mario can pick up one of two candies from a Yoshi ball bonus or a ? block:

  1. Springo Candy: Mario immediately jumps several spaces ahead, getting him closer to the goal.
  2. Bitsize Candy: During the next roll, every ? block Mario hits gives the player tokens.

Minigame Challenge[edit]

The minigame challenges in Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher 2 all require players to drop coins into the checker to play.


If Mario lands on a VS Space, the player must play a game of Cardiators. The goal is to land coins on positive numbers to attack the opponent, and the difficulty increases with each positive number hit; if a negative number is hit, Mario will be attacked instead. The game continues until one participant's health meter is depleted; winning the minigame will earn that player a 100-token bonus and a chance to play a "Crane Challenge", while losing will still earn the player a consolation prize of 10 tokens per point of health taken from their opponent.

Treacherous Tightrope[edit]

Once the bar on the player's screen fills up completely, the Treacherous Tightrope minigame begins, where Mario must cross the tightrope along with Peach and Yoshi to make it to the end. players drop coins into the checker to help Mario reach the end of the tightrope. Landing on one of the following spots causes the following to happen:

  1. A coin landing on a numbered spot will move the characters that many spaces forward
  2. The characters will move anywhere from 1-3 spaces, with a chance for one of the characters to fall off.
  3. If a coin lands on an X, one of the characters will immediately fall.

The game continues until Mario and the other reach the end or they all fall off. The order in which characters plummet off will always be Peach first, then Yoshi, and finally Mario, effectively setting a "3 strikes" condition; if Mario falls off, the player loses the minigame. Players that reach the earn a 100-token bonus and one chance to play the "Crane Challenge" for each character remaining.

Goal Bonus Minigame[edit]

When Mario reaches the goal or boss character at the end of a board, a "Dart Minigame" will begin. Here, all the darts the player collected throughout the game will be turned into medals. Players press a button to throw their darts at the board, where they will receive between 3-50 medals per dart, and the game ends once all the darts are used; they then receive another dart to use in the next bonus game.

Crane Challenge[edit]

Triggered as long as the player has a Crane collected in his items. This is where the player can win balls. Unique to this version of Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher are different goals players can complete if they manage to catch enough balls at once. Players may have to get as many as 3 balls with one play to complete these goals. As soon as these are all completed the players get a golden crane for their next crane challenge. Golden Crane uses the same functions of the regular crane but players trigger special events as they try to get up to 4 balls at once. For each ball collected this way a character hits a roulette which can give darts, or medal payouts.

Ball Bonus[edit]

Depending on the ball that drops an event happen based on which ball dropped:

  1. Yellow ball: The player stops a roulette where they get to the "Cloon Challenge" immediately or get one or 2 yellow balls towards a counter. 3 yellow balls triggers a "Cloon Challenge" for the yellow jackpot.
  2. Blue ball: Same as yellow ball but the "Cloon Challenge" won is for the Blue Jackpot.
  3. Red ball: Same as yellow ball but the "Cloon Challenge" won is for the Red Jackpot.
  4. Yoshi Ball: This triggers event where the player can receive a random medal payout immediately or receive a candy or "Crane Challenge".
  5. Golden Ball: This triggers a "Golden Cloon Challenge" immediately, where players can win a chance to go to the Golden Jackpot chance, where they can win the value of all the other 3 jackpots combined. Players are encouraged to go for these balls a lot as the Golden Jackpot is always the biggest jackpot a player can win.
  6. Mushroom Ball: For the next 10 dice block stock fills, the player can hit 6 points in the checker instead of 3 to fill Mario's dice block stock.
  7. Mario ball: Players spin and stop a wheel which gives a medal payout immediately or triggers a random minigame where players can a 100 medal payout, and "Crane Challenge" or darts from.

Cloon Challenge[edit]

Players spin a roulette that yields several different events based on the Jackpot they are playing for.

Red/Yellow/Blue Cloon Challenge[edit]

Players play for the colored jackpot shown on screen. A ball will drop into the roulette where one of many things will happen.

  1. Numbers 1-4: This either results in the payout of 30 medals or gives the player a Jackpot star for that colored jackpot in their station. When a player gets 3 of a similar Jackpot star, the player will immediately begin a Jackpot challenge for that Jackpot.
  2. Bet pocket: Players get a chance to play a bet game with Wario. A roulette will spin that will usually just give the player a random amount of medals and end the challenge right but if the roulette stops on the bet the minigame will begin. Players can then insert coins to up their bet for as many coins that go into the checker. When the ball lands in the roulette, players can mulitply their winnings by just 1x which is bad or up to a 10x multiplier.
  3. Jackpot Pocket: The player immediately goes to the Jackpot Challenge for that colored jackpot.

Golden Cloon Challenge[edit]

This will trigger for every Golden ball dropped. Roulette is different than the colored "Cloon Challenge". If the player lands in a numbered hole, they get nothing. The bet pocket still works and does the same as it does in the colored "Cloon Challenge". If the ball lands in Jackpot pocket, the player wins a chance to try for the Golden Jackpot which is worth the value of all the colored jackpots combined which is the most valuable jackpot.

Jackpot Challenge[edit]

This will trigger if players get a star ball from a block, 777 fever, or from the "Cloon Challenge" Unlike the first version players will get to battle against Bowser for a chance to win the jackpot. The players fight against Bowser in a Volcano area for the Red Jackpot, A Fountain area for the Blue Jackpot, or a desert for the Yellow Jackpot. For the Golden Jackpot players fight Bowser directly at Bowser's Warped Orbit instead. The pink ball will drop into the mechanism located at the center of the machine which can yield on of many results:

  1. Bowser pocket: Bowser spins a mini roulette that usually awards 50 medals which is bad, but the roulette can yield up to 200 medals at once or a "Crane Challenge" on occasion.
  2. 200 pocket: The player receives a 200 medal payout immediately, they do not receive a "Double Chance" like in the first version.
  3. 777 Fever pocket: Triggers a long fever mode where players can win more chances to win a jackpot and many medals.
  4. Ex pocket: This progressive medal award goes up every time the ball hits the sides on the area before the ball falls into a pocket. When the ball goes into this pocket, the player wins that progressive medal jackpot, and gets a bunch of medals from it. Occasionally this more valuable then the jackpot the player is playing for.
  5. Jackpot Pocket: The player wins the Jackpot their are playing for. There are 4 different jackpots one for each solid colored ball and the Golden Jackpot which is worth the value of all 3 of the colored balls. Players then move to the "Double up Chance".

777 Fever[edit]

Triggered from the Jackpot chance. Players can drop coins into 3 spots on the checker to open up 3 lines on these slots. Wins can only happen if certain things happen on screen. If mario does his sad animation the player gets nothing. If he does his happy animation the player will receive from 5-25 medals up to 3 times amount. However other things can happen as well:

  1. Crane Challenge: If the crane drops Mario its a loss, but if it takes him off the screen the player will win from 1-3 "Crane Challenge" plays.
  2. Cloon Challenge: If the player lines this up, they can win 1-3 "Cloon Challenge" for the jackpot shown on screen.
  3. Direct JP Chance: If Wario appears it is a loss. If Peach appears the player will win 1-3 direct Jackpot challenges for the star ball Peach is holding. The best result a player can hope for.
  4. Bowser: The game continues until Bowser appears which gives the players 10 medals up to 3 times and then starts a game with Bowser. Players must use the crane to get at least one ball, perferably more. If the player gets no balls they automatically lose and the fever ends, otherwise the balls they get will stop a roulette. If the roulette stops on Bowser they lose and the fever ends. If the roulette stops on GO, players can continue playing the fever until they lose this game.

Fever will end when the player loses the game vs Bowser. Players then head back to the main board again.

Double Up Chance[edit]

If the ball lands in anything that isn't the Jackpot, the Jackpot is not won and Bowser wins. If the ball lands in the Jackpot pocket, Bowser is defeated by a Super Star and the player wins the Jackpot they are playing for. If the player wins the Golden Jackpot, Bowser's Warped Orbit is completely destroyed and Mario finds the Golden Jackpot treasure in the sky. However, players are not done yet. The player is given a chance to double their jackpot, which they can skip completely and just take their jackpot winnings or play the double up chance.

If the ball lands in a Bowser pocket, players lose their Jackpot winnings and get nothing. Also Bowser, turns the Super star back to a statue for the colored jackpots, or makes the treasure vanish entirely for the Golden Jackpot. If the ball lands in any pocket that is not a Bowser Pocket, the player wins twice the Jackpots value, which usually means a lot of medals.

Jackpot Win[edit]

If the player wins a Jackpot, their station's pusher will be showered with a bunch of medals. The player can take the original jackpot's winnings immediately or win twice the value of the Jackpot from the "Double up Game". The TV that displays the Jackpot values will reveal a second plinko like mechanism which the jackpot medals are vended out of, while showing them that they are the "Super Star". The TV's effects are different for which jackpot was one as well as if the jackpot was a "Double Up Chance Win":

  • Red/Yellow/Blue Jackpot: The TV's shows a screen similar to that of a screen when a player wins a jackpot from the original version. Almost all of the characters from Mario Party 8 walk together to celebrate the Jackpot, but music used is different in this version. Pictures that were taken during the main game are momentarily shown on the TV, and other characters from Mario Party 8 will appear in front of the pictures.
  • Golden Jackpot: The TV's shows the Mario Party 8 parade, something that can not be seen in Mario Party 8 itself. As the parade starts it features several floaties that loop constantly until the jackpot medals are payed out. The floaties featured are shown in this order:
  1. Mario's Floatie, which features Mario carrying the star rod and Luigi.
  2. Bowser's Floatie, which features Dry Bones on the sides and a Bowser Statue who breathes fire to go to next floatie.
  3. The Royal Floatie, which features Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette on the left side, Peach and Daisy together in the actual floatie, and Paratroopa, Birdo, and Hammer Bro on the right.
  4. Donkey Kong's Floatie, which features Donkey Kong and other characters from "DK's Treetop Temple". Behind his floatie is King Boo along with other Boo's floating around to blink momentarily in a pattern as if they were lights.
  5. Captain Goomba's Floatie, which features Captain Goomba and other Goombas from "Goomba's Booty Boardwalk", as well as Wario and Waluigi right in the back trying to take some treasure. The music is hummed rather than sung directly though it is more beautiful than a colored jackpot win.
  • Rainbow Jackpot: The value of a colored jackpot doubled. Unlike the other Jackpots, Mario uses the star rod to seal Bowser away on the TV before it announces that the player is the "Super Star". The music is also sung, rather than hummed so it is more beautiful. TV displays the parade similar to the golden jackpot.
  • Perfect Jackpot: Same as Rainbow Jackpot but it is for the Golden Jackpot doubled. It is called Perfect Jackpot because it is the best jackpot a player can win.

Immediately after a jackpot win, players will get a "Crane Challenge" where they can get more balls, as their field often drops all their balls after a jackpot win.

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