Mario's Egg Catch

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US packaging for Mario's Egg Catch
American packaging

Mario's Egg Catch is one of the three LCD game watches belonging to the Super Mario Bros. Watch line released in 1990 as promotional items by McDonald's in the United States and Japan.


To enter game mode, the top button on the left must be pressed to select the difficulty level, with GAME A for easy and GAME B for hard. Next, the button below it starts the game. Birdo is firing eggs from the top of a wall. Raccoon Mario must catch them before they land by moving either left or right. Each egg is worth one point. Occasionally, a Starman appears in the lower right of the screen. Catching it awards five points. If Mario misses an egg, he loses a life. He can erase a loss if he reaches 200 and 500 points. The game ends if he loses three lives. The maximum number of points is 999.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオのエッグキャッチゲーム[1]
Mario no Eggu Kyatchi Gēmu
Mario's Egg Catch Game



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