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The Super Mario Bros. 3 game watch

Super Mario Bros. 3, also known as Super Mario 3 (on the bezel) and Super Mario III (in the instruction leaflet) is a watch containing a simplified game based off of Super Mario Bros. 3.[1] It is the second of four Nelsonic Game Watch games based on the Mario franchise. The game watch was released by Nelsonic and licensed by Nintendo in 1990. In Europe, the game watch was rereleased by Zeon in 1992, alongside The Legend of Zelda and Tetris.[2][3]


The watch itself consists of six buttons. Two red ones (one for 'Mode' and one for 'Set') and four blue ones, left, right, up, down.

On the LCD screen there is a level layout with pictures of Mario, the princess, Koopa Dragon, poison mushrooms, a fire breathing tortoise and platforms. When the watch is in time mode, it will run the same scenario on the game layout over and over with the time at the top left. When in game mode it will start out with the introduction music and the player will have to navigate their way through the game. Finally, there is the alarm. If the alarm is set and the time comes for the alarm to go off, the Super Mario Bros. 3 Theme is played twice.


In order to set the time the user must first be in time mode. Hold down 'Set' (Red button on left) while pressing down. the time will then start to blink. Pushing left will send the hour up and pushing right will send the minute up. When done, push down again for completion.


Press 'Mode' (Red button on the right) until the user can see AL next to the time. Then, hold the 'Set' (Red button on the left) until it start blinking. Set the alarm time with the left (hour) and right buttons (minutes) and then hit 'Set' again to stop the blinking. The user will see three Mario faces in the middle of the screen if the alarm is on. Hit 'Set' to make them disappear or turn off alarm. If the alarm is set and the time comes for the alarm to go off, the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme repeats only two times.

Playing the game[edit]

The story takes place two years after the previous game. The object of the game, as in the original Super Mario Bros. 3, is to save the princess from the Koopa Dragon. The game is controlled with the left, right and up buttons with up acting as the jump button. In order to navigate through the level, the player must time their jumps and movement properly to prevent Mario from getting hit. The player starts with four lives.

To start the game, the player has to go to game mode and hit the bottom button. Mario starts in the top left corner and avoid the poison mushrooms (also known as evil tortoises and flying tortoises). He must go down with an elevator while avoiding the fireball from a fire breathing tortoise. Then, he can go to the left and get a Super Star for ten seconds of invincibility against the poison mushrooms coming at him from the right. He must hit the pass block to open the warp zone to go to the bottom right. Then, Mario can get the Super Leaf to become long tail Mario and swat his tail at poison mushrooms up to ten times. The music notes get Mario to the next platforms above to face the Koopa Dragon. The game puts the player in the top right corner, where the Koopa Dragon is spitting fire at Mario. A coin will then appear above the player which awards an extra life. The Koopa Dragon can be defeated by going left and under him and jumping underneath him several times until he falls. Then, the game is over and the player gets to start all over again with a higher difficulty level (there are four levels). The maximum score is 1999.[4][5]


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