First-Person View

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The start of the race at <small>DS</small> Airship Fortress.
A First-Person View of Airship Fortress at the start of the race

First-Person View is an element that is exclusive to Mario Kart 7. When using this view, the player can tilt the Nintendo 3DS to steer the kart, an action that can be enabled or disabled through the options menu. By pressing +Control Pad up, the camera shifts from the back of the kart to the front with an emblem of the character who is currently racing on the steering wheel. If the player uses tilt controls 80 or more times for their last 100 races, the steering wheel will become golden. However, if the player stops using tilt controls, the wheel will eventually revert to normal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドライバー視点モード
Doraibā shiten mōdo
Driver's perspective mode
Chinese (Traditional) 駕駛視點模式
Jiàshǐ shìdiǎn móshì
Driving viewpoint mode
German Ego-Perspektive First-Person View