Trampoline Time

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Trampoline Time
Trampoline Time
The minigame in Super Mario 64 DS
Appears in Super Mario 64 DS
New Super Mario Bros.
Type Mario's minigame (Super Mario 64 DS)
Variety minigame (New Super Mario Bros.)
Music sample

Trampoline Time is one of Mario's minigames in Super Mario 64 DS and a Variety minigame in New Super Mario Bros. In this minigame, the player has to draw trampolines so that the Mario clones can jump on them and bounce to open windows.


The minigame starts with a giant trampoline that will disappear after three Marios land on it. A player can draw more trampolines with the stylus; however, they disappear with only one Mario landing on them. There is a limit of three trampolines onscreen at a time, with the exception of the giant trampoline. If a Mario lands on the center of a trampoline, he bounces higher than normal. Also, if a Mario hits a wall at the right angle, he jumps off it for even more vertical distance.

For each Mario that the player guides to safety, they receive a point. The open window that the player must try to bounce the Marios towards changes periodically between the higher and lower windows. For every ten Marios that the player guides to safety, the structure increases in height (making the minigame more challenging), with the structure reaching its maximum height when 60 Marios have been guided to safety. Also, Marios appear at a faster rate as the minigame progresses. If three Mario clones fall off the screen, the minigame ends.

Trampoline Time bears some resemblance to Big Ape City from Donkey Kong Land. Also, the music for this minigame is the same as the Super Mario Sunshine secret level music.

This minigame, along with Bounce and Pounce, Bounce and Trounce, and Trampoline Terror, is one of the only minigames in Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. to run at 30 frames per second.

The icons are different between Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros.; the former's icon shows Mario facing the screen while jumping, but the latter's one has Mario seeing the trampoline.

In-game instructions[edit]

  • Super Mario 64 DS: "Draw a line on the Touch Screen to turn it into a trampoline. You can draw up to 3 lines at a time. Help Mario bounce to safety!"
  • New Super Mario Bros.: "Draw a line on the Touch Screen to create a trampoline. You can draw up to three lines at a time. Use the trampolines to bounce Mario to safety!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トランポリンマリオ
Toranporin Mario
Trampoline Mario
Chinese 马力欧蹦床
Mǎlìōu Bèngchuáng
Mario Trampoline
French Trampoline éphémère Temporary trampoline
German Auf und ab und ab und auf Up and down and down and up
Italian Trampolini improvvisati Improvised trampolines
Korean 텀블링 마리오
Teombeulling Malio
Tumbling Mario
Spanish Saltacamas Trampoline Jumper