Pair-a-Gone and On

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Pair-a-Gone and On

Pair-a-Gone and On is one of Luigi's minigames found in Super Mario 64 DS. It has similar gameplay to one of Luigi's other minigames, Pair-a-Gone. To play, the player must attempt to match identical cards that are adjacent to each other. Whenever the player manages to match a set of cards, Luigi deals out more to replace them. Unlike in Luigi's other game, these cards never end and keep replenishing, hence the name. Once there are no more matches for the player to make, the game ends and the player's score is recorded.


* - After several cards are paired

In-game instructions[edit]

This game of Pair-a-Gone goes on forever! Test your skill and see how many cards you can clear. Go for the record!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どこまでもルイージ・カルロ
Doko made mo Ruīji Karuro
Nonstop Luigi Carlo
Chinese 无尽连连看
Wújìn Liánliánkàn
Endless Matchmakers
French Les paires sans fin Endless pairs
German Gleich und Gleich 2 Same and Same 2
Italian Appaiacarte infinito Infinite Paired cards
Spanish Empareja hasta las cejas Match even the eyebrows, hasta las cejas is an Spanish expression that could also mean "fed up" or "commited",
so it could mean "Match until (you're) fed up" or "Commited match".