World 3 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 3
NSMB WorldThree.jpg
Appearance New Super Mario Bros.
Levels 9
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“If you don't find the alternate exit in World 2, you'll find yourself in the tropical landscape of World 3. But don't expect to be lounging on the beach -- this world is far from paradise!”
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World 3 is a world encountered by Mario and Luigi in the game New Super Mario Bros.. This world features a large beach-covered island, with many ocean and beach themed levels. This world has many Cheep-Cheeps, and has the first Ghost House in the game. The boss of this world is Cheepskipper.

It is not essential for the player to complete this world. The player can travel to World 4, if they defeat Mummipokey from World 2 in mini form. After the completion of this world, the player instantly gains access to World 5.

Level Information[edit]

Level Preview Description
World 3-1 3-1 NSMB.png The first level in World 3 takes place underwater. Cheep-Chomps appear here for the first time in the series, but do not appear again in the game. Read more...
World 3-A 3-A NSMB.png This level is the first secret level in World 3. It introduces Skeeters. Read more...
World 3-2 3-2 NSMB.png This is the second level in the world, and mostly takes place on tilting mushrooms. It has a secret exit which unlocks a different path that leads to World 3-B. Read more...
World 3-B 3-B NSMB.png This is the second secret level in the world. A level high in the sky, it is made entirely out of pipes. Read more...
World 3-C 3-C NSMB.png This is the third and final secret level in the world. Completing it leads directly to the world's castle.. Read more...
World 3-Fortress NSMB.png 3-Tower NSMB.png This is the third tower in the game. Most of this tower is spent climbing on fences. Read more...
World 3-3 3-3 NSMB.png This level takes place underwater. It is the first and only appearance of Bloopers. Read more...
World 3-Haunted House NSMB.png NSMB 3-GhostHouse.png This level is the first Ghost House in the game. Read more...
World 3-Cannon NSMB.pngCannon NSMB 3-Cannon.png This island and mountain-themed area can be unlocked by using the secret exit in World 3-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House. If the player enters the cannon, they will be taken to World 6. To the right of the cannon is a Roulette Block.
World 3-Castle NSMB.png Cheepskipper.png This level is the third castle level in the game, and the last level in World 3. Much of the level consists of avoiding Skewers. At the end, Mario must fight a giant fish. Read more...

Enemies Introduced[edit]


  • Despite being a water-themed world, four of this world's levels do not contain any water.