World 8-4 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 8-4
Scuttlebugs in World 8-4; compare with pre-release.
World World 8
Game New Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 8-4 is the fifth level of World 8 in New Super Mario Bros. It becomes accessible after completing World 8-3.


The level is a standard overworld level, and features Scuttlebugs repeatedly dropping down from the top of the screen and trying to chase after the player; a pair of Scuttlebugs dropping down as soon as the player starts moving. More and more Scuttlebugs drop down as the player progresses through the level, often grouping up tightly; the player must be quick going through this level in order to avoid being overwhelmed. The player will then come across a section of moving platforms above a bottomless pit, with the Scuttlebugs making jumping between them difficult. After this, the level's midway point is reached.

After the midway point, the Scuttlebugs drop down in higher numbers, making the rest of the level harder. There are more moving platforms, most of them moving horizontally, making for hazardous platforming. The player will eventually come across a ? Block containing a Starman, which can be used to score multiple 1-UPs thanks to the numerous Scuttlebugs. After more moving platforms, the pole will be reached, guarded by one final Scuttlebug hanging down from a web.

Star Coins[edit]

Location of the third Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 1: At the checkpoint; the player can either jump (while ducking) towards it while standing on the blocks to the left of its platform, or bounce off of Scuttlebugs to reach it to the right of its platform.
  • Star Coin 2: In the second area with moving platforms; found high above a small vertically-moving one.
  • Star Coin 3: A Mini Mushroom is required for this coin. Towards the end of the level, a small pipe can be spotted next to one of the moving platforms. The player should enter the pipe and get through the maze of Mini Goombas with the provided Starman to get the coin.


Name Image Amount
Mini Goombas Mini Goomba 8
Red Koopa Troopas RedKoopaTroopaNSMB.png 3
Scuttlebugs ScuttleBug.PNG infinite

Level map[edit]

Map of World 8-4
Map of World 8-4


Scuttlebugs in World 8-4; compare with final.
An early screenshot of World 8-4.
  • Early screenshots of this level use the ground from the forest theme, rather than the igneous one used in the final game.