World 7-5 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 7-5
World 7-5 NSMB.png
World World 7
Game New Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 7-5 is the fifth level in World 7 in New Super Mario Bros..


This level is filled with Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs. Unlike most World 7 levels, this level takes place on an overworld, grassland area and not in the sky. In the hidden area, there are several Mini Goombas, as well as the second Star Coin, blocked behind a pipe. It requires Mario to get the Mega Mushroom from a ? Block in the hidden area. There is a Banzai Bill Cannon launching Banzai Bills at the very end, right before the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1 - The first Star Coin is behind blocks that must be broken by a Bob-omb.
  • Star Coin 2 - The second Star Coin is inside a small Warp Pipe that must be accessed by Mini Mario. However, the player must blow up a block that it blocking the Pipe with a Bob-omb to get inside.
  • Star Coin 3 - The final Star Coin can be found between several Bill Blasters.

Secret Exit[edit]

To get to the secret exit, Mario must blow up several blocks with Bob-ombs (or use a Mega Mushroom) to enter another hidden pipe that leads to a hidden underground area. Another pipe will take him to several hills and the Secret Exit, which will take Mario to World 7-A.