World 8-Bowser's Castle (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 8-Bowser's Castle
Mario Jumping to reach a door and avoid a Big Thwomp in the level World 8-Bowser Castle.
World World 8
Game New Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 800 seconds
300 seconds (starting from checkpoint)
Boss Bowser 2 and Bowser Jr.
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Not to be confused with World 8-Castle.

World 8-Bowser's Castle is the twelfth and final level of World 8 in New Super Mario Bros., and the final level of the game. This level is home to Bowser, the final boss in the game.


The cauldron for Dry Bowser in New Super Mario Bros.
The final room with Peach

This level takes place in Bowser's Castle. Mario must first enter the door in the first room. If he hits the ? Switch from one of the blocks, the will turn room upside-down. In the next room, there are several burners. After going through the door at the very right of it, Mario will arrive in a room with a Thwomp. After turning the room upside-down and entering the door, Mario will be in the burner room again, but this time with the entire room upside-down. After going through the now-accessible door, the player will end up in the room where they will have to avoid the Thwomps and spikes. After turning this room upside-down, they will have to enter the door at the top of the area. In the next room, the player will have two doors to choose from, and the difference between both is that the left door will take Mario to the Star Coin and the right door will not. The player must go through the door at the top from the door chosen before, and Mario will reach the midway point. Mario will have to take the correct paths to make it to the end. If Mario uses the correct path, a ding sounds, while if Mario goes through the wrong way, a dull buzzer sounds. The correct paths are bottom, top, middle.

At the end of the room is the final door, where Bowser Jr. will throw his father's skeleton into a cauldron of purple liquid, from which a resurrected giant Bowser will emerge, commencing the final battle. First, Bowser Jr. will throw Koopa Shells as Bowser spews homing blue fireballs. After Bowser Jr. is hit three times, he will fall of the bridge into the pit below. Bowser will then spew either three homing blue fireballs or six orange fireballs. He will jump high after a few fireballs, allowing Mario pass under him, hit the switch to break the bridge, and send Bowser falling into the open gap, thus allowing Mario to rescue Princess Peach and ending the game.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1 - In the fifth room, in the top-left section of the room, Mario must avoid the Thwomps while collecting this one.
  • Star Coin 2 - In an unreachable room underneath the stairs. In the fourth room, Mario must jump over a big gap containing spikes, hit the lone brick to reveal a ? Switch and press it while avoiding the burner. Mario must then proceed to the fifth room, avoid the Thwomps, hit the brick to reveal a ? Switch and press it, then return to the fourth room and jump onto the platform and enter the door from there, and find the Star Coin underneath the stairs.
  • Star Coin 3 - In the second part of the castle, after jumping on the platforms in the correct order (bottom, top, then middle), Mario must Ground Pound the bricks, go up the stairs and run down the stairs then crouch before entering the small opening to collect the third Star Coin.


Name Image Amount
Boss: Bowser 2 The final battle of New Super Mario Bros. 1
Boss: Bowser Jr. Mario vs Bowser Jr., New Super Mario Bros. 1
Burners Burners from New Super Mario Bros. 11 (8 large, 3 small)
Dry Bones Dry Bones 2
Fire Bar FireBarNSMB.png 1
Podoboos Podoboo 11
Super Thwomp Super Thwomp 1
Thwomps Thwomp 3

Level map[edit]