World 7-3 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 7-3
7-3 NSMB.png
World World 7
Game New Super Mario Bros.
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 7-3 is the third level of World 7 in New Super Mario Bros..


The level begins in an area with two Wigglers and two Warp Pipes. Upon entering the green one, Mario will come out in an area where the he must ride Kyodai Hanachan to reach the end of the stage. While riding Kyodai Hanachan, the player can get many Starmen that leave trails of Blue Coins as he moves.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1 - The first Star Coin is after the ? Block where the Starman is.
  • Star Coin 2 - The second is beyond the first in which the player must use a Koopa Paratroopa to reach.
  • Star Coin 3 - The last is at the end of the level, where Mario can hit blocks from above, including one containing a Beanstalk. The player should climb it to reach a secret area, then jump off the vine to get onto a ledge that the final Star Coin is on.