Spin Block (New Super Mario Bros.)

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Mario in the air after using the Spin Block

Spin Blocks[1][2] are platforms that are only found in New Super Mario Bros.. When stepped on, the player starts spinning and jumps high into the air, then glide back down slowly. Pressing +Control Pad down on the D-Pad while in the air causes the player to perform the Drill Spin, which causes the player to drop more quickly and has the ability to destroy Brick Blocks in a row.

Spin Blocks are also found in the Mario vs. Luigi two-player mode. It only appears on the ice level, where a Big Star eventually appears. There are always coins hovering above the Spin Block.

Spindrifts were originally going to appear in New Super Mario Bros., but they were replaced by Spin Blocks in the final build.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スピンブロック[3]
Spin Block
Chinese 旋转台[4]
Xuánzhuǎn Tái
Spin Platform
Dutch Draaiblokken[citation needed]
French Bloc toupie[5] Router Block
German Drehblock[6] Rotation/Rotating Block


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