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Species Ninji
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 4 (1992)

Hakkunsai is a old Ninji and boss of the ninja village who appears in chapter 7 of Super Mario-kun volume 4. He is an elderly Ninji with a mustache.

After Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi crash into the ninja village, they are captured by the Ninjis, who notice they are on Bowser's wanted posters. Mario first tries scribbling on their faces to make them look different, but the Ninjis are not fooled by this, so they trap them with a net. After uncovering the net, the Ninjis find two logs and Hakkunsai presumes they used a substitution technique to escape, only to then realize that the logs are just disguises and the trio has escaped.

Hakkunsai orders his students to stop them, but they all fail one after another, so he tries to attack Mario with a giant frog, which is actually a frog-shaped balloon that gets pumped too much and pops. Hakkunsai then throws a Grinder like a shuriken, but Mario avoids it. Hakkunsai then uses a Spinner to hit Mario and his friends, but only manages to hit Luigi, sending him against a Hidden Block that turns him into a star, so Mario uses Luigi like a shuriken and defeats the Ninjis.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハックンサイ
Portmanteau of「ハックン」(Hakkun, Ninji) and 「戸沢 白雲斎」(Tozawa Hakuunsai, a ninja that appears in Japanese fiction)