Mura Mura

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Mura Mura
Mura Mura
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 7 (1993)
Greater location Yoshi's Island
Inhabitants Yoshis

Mura Mura is a village located in Yoshi's Island that only appears in Super Mario-kun.

As a way to thank Mario and Luigi for saving Dinosaur Land from Bowser, Yoshi has organized with his people a party with "cute girls" at Mura Mura. However, when the three reach the village, they find it inhabited by pigs: a mysterious illness known as the influenza tontonbū-gata has spread and turned the Yoshis and Luigi into pigs. Mario is informed by the village chief that a cure to this illness exists in the form of the Star Hana. Mario and Yoshi find the rare flower and return to the village to cure everyone. Much to Mario's disappointment, he realizes that the "cute girls" Yoshi told him about are just female Yoshis.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムラ村
Word-play on「」(mura, irregular) and「村」(mura, village)