Futā Road

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Futā Road
Futā Road
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 2 (1991)
Inhabitants Blocks, Sumo Bro

Futā Road is a world associated with Star World appearing in chapter 13 of Super Mario-kun volume 2.

While looking for the real Star Road that will take them to Star World, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi find a Star Road that takes them to Futā Road, a world resembling a cooking pot with a lid. While exploring one of Futā Road's levels, Mario eats a Poison Mushroom, which shrinks him. Luigi looks in a Rotating Block for a Super Mushroom, but the block punches back: in Futā Road, people have to ask for an item from blocks, and the aforementioned block does not have a Super Mushroom.

Yoshi finds a Keyhole from which the trio is able to return to Dinosaur Land. After defeating a Sumo Bro, the trio exits Futā Road.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フターロード
Futā Rōdo
Portmanteau of「フ」(fu), the on'yomi reading of「釜」(kama, kettle), and「スターロード」(Sutā Rōdo, Star Road)

French Casseroad
Portmanteau of "casserole" and the English word "road"