Ura Yoshi

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Ura Yoshi
Mario meeting Ura Yoshi
Species Yoshi
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 2 (1991)
“裏ヨッシー さまと 一呼ばんかーい! (That's Master Ura Yoshi to you!)”
Ura Yoshi, Super Mario-kun

Ura Yoshi (裏ヨッシー, Flipside Yoshi) is Yoshi's counterpart from the flipside world, appearing in volume 2 of Super Mario-kun. He is the exact mirror image of Yoshi: violent, asocial, and with scars and tattoos of Dinosaur Land on his body.

Mario wakes up in the flipside world, but then stomps Ura Yoshi's tail, making him angry. After he tries to eat him, Ura Yoshi realizes that Mario is not a Mask Koopa, his enemies. Mario decides to help him, but when he tries to make a combined attack (like he does with his Yoshi), Ura Yoshi punches him back, not intending to work together with him. After that, Mario defeats the Mask Koopa army and wakes up in the normal world, happy to have the always friendly Yoshi back.