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Kamek summoning the Kamemeka in the French translation of volume 3 of Super Mario-kun, while saying "Let's use a Kamemeka!".
The Magikoopa summoning the Kamemeka

The Kamemeka is an item that appears briefly in volume 3 of Super Mario-Kun. It appears as a small Koopa Shell.

The Kamemeka is created by a Magikoopa, who joins a Koopa Troopa in using it to brainwash a Rex. After it succeeds, the two Koopas then use some magic to make Rex grow. Yoshi tries to get Rex's memory back, only to be injured. When the Mario Bros. defeat Rex, the Kamemeka falls off. As Mario and Yoshi check to see if Rex is okay, Luigi spots the Magikoopa under a set of ? Blocks, and get revenge by putting the Kamemeka on the Magikoopa as the two relaxed dinosaurs watch.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメメカ
A palindrome of「亀」(kame, turtle)

French Carapace magique[1]
Magical shell


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