MSS Sea Star

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The MSS Sea Star
A sprite of one of three tickets in the file screen.

The MSS Sea Star is a cruise ship featured in Mario Party 7. Toadsworth offers Mario and his friends a trip around the world on the Sea Star itself. The MSS Sea Star acts like the hub for the game. Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Ukikis work on the ship.


Free Play Sub
Duty Free Shop
Free Play Sub
Free Play Sub

Party Cruise[edit]

The player can freely play a party board with four players, either CPU players or other players using a Nintendo GameCube controller, or even play with two or four teams (note that the controls are different with eight players).

Solo Cruise[edit]

The player can play against a single player using a GameCube controller or a CPU player. Playing against a computer player acts as the story mode of the game, where the player can unlock the Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! board.

Deluxe Cruise[edit]

The player can use the Chop Chop Helicopter to play 8-Player Minigames with other players or CPUs. When playing with eight players, the controls are different.

Minigame Cruise[edit]

The player can play minigames via the Free Play Sub with CPUs or other players, or play special games such as Waterfall Duel. A single player can also play King of the River if it is purchased and the player has the required Minigames.

Duty-Free Shop[edit]

The player can use Cruise Mileage Points to buy certain items or listen to the game's soundtrack.

Control Room[edit]

The player can change or adjust their settings anytime in here, like enabling the Microphone or setting the controller to vibrate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリンスターごう
Marin Sutā-gō
Marine Star; ごう (号, ) is a Japanese suffix for an ID number
Spanish (NOE) Sea Star -