Free-for-All Space

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Free-for-All Space
Free-for-All Space
Purpose Triggers a Free-for-All minigame.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

Free-for-All Spaces are spaces appearing in Mario Party 9. When landed upon, a Free-for-All minigame will be initiated. Normally, the Captain who lands on the space is the one who will get to choose what minigame is to be played.

While the Almost There! event is active, the player in last place is the one to pick what minigame is to be played (two players tied for last place would cause a player to be picked at random, and the Captain still chooses the minigame if they are in last place). In a rare sight, if all players are tied or if three players tie for last place, the decision goes back to the Captain.

The first place player will win five Mini Stars, and the other places vary with the number of players. However, if a draw is declared (because everyone got last place), no one will gain Mini Stars.

The Minigame Spaces from Mario Party: Island Tour and Mario Party 10 mimic the appearance of Free-for-All Spaces, except that they allow the player to choose any category of minigame.

Distribution of Mini Stars
Amount of Players Placing Mini Stars Obtained
Two players First place Five Mini Stars
Second place One Mini Star
Three players First place Five Mini Stars
Second place Three Mini Stars
Third place One Mini Star
Four players First place Five Mini Stars
Second place Three Mini Stars
Third place Two Mini Stars
Fourth place One Mini Star

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese VS小遊戲格
VS Xiǎoyóuxì Gé
VS Minigame Space

French Case mini-jeu chacun pour soi
Free-for-All-minigame space
Italian Spazio tutti contro tutti
All against all space
Spanish Casilla de minijuego para todos
Minigame-for-all space