Mini Ztar Space

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Mini Ztar Space
MP9 Plus 3 Mini Ztars Space.png
Purpose Takes Mini Stars away from the Captain.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

Mini Ztar Spaces are a rare space found only in Mario Party 9. They are the opposite of Mini Star Spaces. When landed upon, the Captain will lose Mini Stars equal to the number imprinted on the space.

Although commonly found whenever taking a route provided by an Unlucky Space, Mini Ztar Spaces are also found on Toad Road, if the players fail to cross the gap between the mountains. Several are also present around the Blooper statue in Blooper Beach, but the players will only encounter them if someone lands on a certain Unlucky Space that summons a whirlpool around the statue.

When the Captain lands on a Mini Ztar Space, the word "Unlucky!" will be displayed as if the Captain landed on an Unlucky Space.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 幻影星星格
Huànyǐng Xīngxīng Gé
Phantom Star Space

French Case étoile sombre
Dark star space
Italian Spazio Antistella
Mini Ztar Space
Spanish Casilla de estrella negativa
Negative star space