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The Surf Cabana as seen in the level overview of The Watermelon Festival in Gelato Beach
Mario rolls the largest watermelon up the zigzag dock to the Surf Cabana.
“Hey, do you see the jumbo juicer on top of this hut? That's how we make our special juice smoothies.”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

The Surf Cabana, also referred to as the Watermelon Shack,[1] is a small seaside bar located on the west side of Gelato Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. It is unique as it is built over the water parallel to the shoreline, with a small yellow zigzag dock leading the way up to it from the shore. Its main function appears to be making juice smoothies for the denizens of Gelato Beach. It features two tables with chairs and umbrellas behind the main hut, as well as a circular counter with fresh coconut smoothies and a large juicer, which is accessed via the roof and will damage Mario if he touches it. The juicer leads to a glass container inside the hut, which has a Shine Sprite trapped inside.

The Surf Cabana appears in every episode of Gelato Beach, but not much attention is really paid to it until the final episode, The Watermelon Festival. In this episode, Mario must carefully roll the largest watermelon found on the beach to the Surf Cabana while carefully avoiding Cataquacks, which fling any watermelons into the air on sight, destroying them instantly. When Mario finally gets the watermelon to the Surf Cabana, he must carefully roll it down the zigzag dock to the hut's entrance, where it is then juiced to make smoothies, and the trapped Shine Sprite is released for Mario to collect.

The juicer on the roof of the Surf Cabana also serves another purpose. At some point in the game, the player must bring any type of fruit (excluding watermelons) to the roof of the Surf Cabana and drop it into the juicer, which then releases a hidden blue coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 海の家2号店
Umi no ie 2 gōten
Beach House #2
Italian Sand Cabana -


  • In the BradyGAMES guide, the Surf Cabana is erroneously confused with the Sand Cabana.[2]


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