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Comet Medal
A Comet Medal
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Latest appearance Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (2015)
Effect Makes a Prankster Comet appear in a galaxy.
“Collect many Comet Medals? Comet arrive. First time in galaxy... Always one Comet Medal somewhere! Look hard. Find!”
Whittle, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Comet Medals are a type of item that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are white octagonal coins with a golden lining and a picture of a golden comet imprinted on them. Collecting enough Comet Medals makes Prankster Comets appear, like the Prankster Comets in the first game. They are found in the first mission of every galaxy, usually in hard to reach places or requiring the use of a power-up. Once collected, if the player re-enters the level, the Medal appears to be a clear blue silhouette of the original. It can still be collected, however. It is temporarily added to the total, but as soon as the level is completed, the total reverts back to its previous value.

There are 49 Comet Medals total, but not every galaxy has a Prankster Comet, even after every Comet Medal has been collected.

Comet Medals also appear in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. They raise the Skill levels of both forms of Rosalina and all types/forms of Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers from levels 1-4, while Grand Comet Medals raise from levels 5-7.

Comet Medal locations[edit]

World 1


Comet Medal Location

Sky Station Galaxy

High above the cylindrical planet with gray platforms rotating around it. It opens Peewee Piranha's Speed Run.

Yoshi Star Galaxy

On a small green hill in the area where the player first obtains Yoshi. It opens Spiny Rainbow Romp.

Spin-Dig Galaxy

Next to the right-most pillar on the Drill Zone Planet. It opens Digga-Leg's Daredevil Run.

Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

Above a column of coins on the Pond Planet. Cloud Mario is needed, or a triple jump or back-flip and spin at the apex of the jump, Fluffy Bluff has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Flip-Swap Galaxy

On a blue platform near the last Chomp. It opens Purple Coin Flip 'n' Sprint.

Rightside Down Galaxy

Between two Thwomps in an upside down section, just after the Chomps, Rightside Down has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla

Above the Thwomp near the beginning of the stage. It unlocks Fiery Flotilla Speed Run.

World 2


Comet Medal Location

Puzzle Plank Galaxy

Off to the side of a wooden platform, just before two Grinders cut off a vertical wall, which creates an area that Mario must wall-kick up. It unlocks Purple Coin Shadow Vault.

Hightail Falls Galaxy

Near the end of the level right after the Hungry Luma. It unlocks Hightail Falls Speed Run.

Boulder Bowl Galaxy

Right at the beginning of the level inside the purple crystal. Rock Mario is needed. It unlocks Rolling Crabber Romp.

Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Inside a large shell-shaped structure underwater, near the button that freezes the entire area, Cosmic Cove has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Wild Glide Galaxy

Obtained after going through the five gates, Wild Glide has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Honeybloom Galaxy

On a small platform guarded by a Choppah, Honeybloom has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Bowser's Lava Lair

Reached by wall-jumping or Backflipping off a Whomp. It unlocks Lava Lair Speed Run.

World 3


Comet Medal Location

Tall Trunk Galaxy

On the Log Planet. It unlocks Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide.

Cloudy Court Galaxy

Near the end of the level inside the crushing wall. It unlocks The Shadow Lining.

Haunty Halls Galaxy

Over a large gap, just after a green pipe. It unlocks Spooky Cosmic Clone Chase.

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Hidden beneath some Brick Block-shaped snow, on the third planet after the slide, Freezy Flake has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

Near the end on a platform about to be cut by Grinders. It unlocks Masterpiece Speed Run.

Beat Block Galaxy

Near the beginning on top of an orange Beat Block. It unlocks Silver Stars in Double Time.

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

On the Airship with the Hammer Bros, just before Mario fights Megahammer. It unlocks Megahammer's Daredevil Bash.

World 4


Comet Medal Location

Supermassive Galaxy

At the start of the level, over a large gap in the middle of an arc of coins, near the large spinning coin and a Big Goomba. It unlocks Big Wigglers Speed Run.

Flipsville Galaxy

On the first planet on the underside of it. It unlocks Purple Coin Spin Speed Run.

Starshine Beach Galaxy

Only in the underwater area of the mission "Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars", between two Gringills. It unlocks Purple Coin Beach Dash.

Chompworks Galaxy

At the beginning of the level, over the Chomps. It unlocks Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks.

Sweet Mystery Galaxy

In a secret platform that appears with Bulb Yoshi. It unlocks Bulb Berry's Purple Coin Glow.

Honeyhop Galaxy

In a set of two walls. It requires wall-jumping, Honeyhop has no Prankster Comets of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet

Near the checkpoint flag in the castle. On top of the Brick Block. It unlocks Gravity Star Speed Run.

World 5


Comet Medal Location

Space Storm Galaxy

Between to an electric fence and set of platforms going down, Space Storm has no Prankster Comets of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Slipsand Galaxy

On a small patch of solid ground where the sand river bends. It unlocks Squizzard's Daredevil Run.

Shiverburn Galaxy

Hanging over the moving stone platforms of the lava planet. It unlocks Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp.

Boo Moon Galaxy

In the swamp right next to the launch star, Boo Moon has no Prankster Comets of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Upside Dizzy Galaxy

Under an electrified fence and over a moving platform, Upside Dizzy has no Prankster Comets of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Fleet Glide Galaxy

Obtained after flying through the five gates, Fleet Glide has no Prankster Comets of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

On the mine-lined blue row on the spindly planet. It unlocks Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run.

World 6


Comet Medal Location

Melty Monster Galaxy

On one of the non-burned planetoids hanging over the Magmaw planet, Melty Monster has no Prankster Comets until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Clockwork Ruins Galaxy

Hanging above the cogs rolling down the first slope. It unlocks The Adventure of the Purple Coins.

Throwback Galaxy

Found on the overhang under the giant pole, where the Shoot into the Wild Blue star from Super Mario 64 used to be. It unlocks Whomp Silver Star Speed Run.

Battle Belt Galaxy

Right above a lava pool on the burn bit planet. It unlocks Mini-Planet Daredevil Run.

Flash Black Galaxy

Found at the top left corner of the planet where Yoshi is found. It unlocks Dark Octo-Army Romp.

Slimy Spring Galaxy

After sliding down the water slide, in the first room with Snoodles, the Comet Medal is located in a small alcove on the left side of the room, just before the next tunnel, Slimy Spring has no Prankster Comet of its own until the Green Stars are unlocked.

Bowser's Galaxy Generator

With Yoshi's assistance, the Comet Medal can be found on the lava on the left moving path, next to two flowers. It unlocks Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run.

Special World



Mario Squared Galaxy

This Comet Medal is located on Mario's left foot, on disappearing platforms. It unlocks Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos.

Rolling Coaster Galaxy

This Comet Medal is located on the expert path. After the Toad says "Experts stay right", go down the right path until seeing the Comet Medal and two Bob-ombs. It should be just before the other path crosses back into the course. It unlocks Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road.

Twisty Trials Galaxy

This Comet Medal is located at the end of the second to last spinning block (Just before the star). It unlocks Turning Turning Double Time.

Stone Cyclone Galaxy

This Comet Medal can be seen right from the start. However, it's right above one of the platforms that move left and right, (closest to the Black Hole). It unlocks Tox Box Speed Run.

Boss Blitz Galaxy

Underneath the King Kaliente battlefield. It unlocks Throwback Throwdown Speed Run.

Flip-Out Galaxy

Above the first blue platform when the player is in the second area of spikes. It unlocks Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers.

Grandmaster Galaxy

Next to one of the platforms on the right side, in the area filled with Hammer Bros and Boomerang Bros. It unlocks The Perfect Run.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 彗星メダル
Suisei Medaru
Comet Medal
Chinese 彗星獎章[1]
Huìxīng jiǎngzhāng
Comet Medal
Dutch Komeetmedaille Comet Medal
French Médaille comète Comet medal
German Kometenmünze Comet Coin
Italian Medaglia Cometa Comet Medal
Spanish Medalla de cometa Comet medal


  • When collected, the Comet Medal makes a similar sound effect to that of a Red Coin from Super Mario Sunshine, but on a different instrument.
  • On the official Nintendo game overview page, Comet Medals are misspelled "Comet Metals."[2]
  • The Star Medals in Super Mario 3D Land feature a design similar to that of Comet Medals.
  • If the player collects an already collected Comet Medal and pauses the game, it counts it to the collection. However, when players return to the hub world, the count gets reverted. It is also worth noting that the number of collected Comet Medals can temporarily be 50 if the player picks one after collecting all 49 Comet Medals.


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