World 5 (Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition)

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World 5
Appearance Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
Levels 12
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World 5 is the fifth world in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. This world takes place in a forest, resembling that of World 5 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, with a remixed version of the world theme from that game. Like other worlds in the game, Orbs are scattered about the map. This world consists of twelve levels and a Toad House. Iggy Koopa is the boss of this world and is fought in his castle and airship. Clearing World 5-PDSMBE-Fortress.png unlocks Green Yoshi as a Helper, and clearing World 5-PDSMBE-IggyAirship.png unlocks Penguin Mario and Penguin Luigi as Leaders.

A more difficult version of World 5 exists as a Special World: ★World 5.


Course Preview Terrain Course type ? Block items Enemies found here Boss(es) Teammate(s) unlocked
World 5-1 PDSMBE-W5-1.png Forest (Flowers), Cavern 3-Color Course
Super Star 1-Up Mushroom Coin Goomba Paragoomba Piranha Plant Wiggler Wiggler Wiggler None
World 5-2 PDSMBE-W5-2.png Forest (Paddle Wheels, Flowers) 3-Color Course
Super Leaf Ice Flower Coin Paragoomba Piranha Plant Wiggler Big Paragoomba Big Paragoomba None
World 5-3 PDSMBE-W5-3.png Swamp (Logs, Wooded) 4-Color Course
Super Mushroom Fire Flower Coin Paragoomba Green Coin Coffer Wiggler Boomerang Bro Boomerang Bro Wiggler None
World 5-PDSMBE-GhostHouse.png PDSMBE-W5-GhostHouse.png Ghost House 4-Color Course
Poison Mushroom 1-Up Mushroom Coin Boo Green Coin Coffer Boo Trio King Boo Normal exit: Boo Trio None
Secret exit: King Boo
World 5-4 PDSMBE-W5-4.png Swamp (Wooded) Normal Course
None Goomba Piranha Plant Wiggler Yellow Coin Coffer Yellow Coin Coffer None
World 5-5 PDSMBE-W5-5.png Underwater (Pipes, Blocks) Normal Course
Gold Mushroom Super Star Fruit Coin Cheep Cheep Cheep Chomp Blooper Blooper & Cheep Cheeps Blooper & Cheep Cheeps None
World 5-PDSMBE-Fortress.png PDSMBE-W5-Tower.png Fortress Normal Course
None Dry Bones Bone Piranha Plant Chain Chomp Boom Boom Boom Boom Green Yoshi
World 5-6 PDSMBE-W5-6.png Swamp (Logs, Wooded) 3-Color Course
Poison Mushroom P-Wing Coin Paragoomba Piranha Plant Wiggler Wiggler & Flame Chomp Wiggler & Flame Chomp None
World 5-7 PDSMBE-W5-7.png Forest (Paddle Wheels, Flowers), Sky (Lifts) Normal Course
Gold Mushroom Fruit 1-Up Mushroom Coin Goomba Wiggler Green Coin Coffer Petey Piranha Petey Piranha None
World 5-8 PDSMBE-W5-8.png Forest (Flowers), Cavern 3-Color Course
Fire Flower Ice Flower Coin Paragoomba kink=Koopa Paratroopa Wiggler Flutter & Flame Chomp Flutter & Flame Chomp None
World 5-PDSMBE-Castle.png PDSMBE-W5-Castle.png Castle Heartless Course
None Big Bony Beetle Big Thwomp Hammer Bro Boomerang Bro Before Iggy joins the player: Iggy None
After Iggy joins the player: Flutter & Flame Chomp
World 5-PDSMBE-IggyAirship.png PDSMBE-W5-Airship.png Airship Normal Course
Super Mushroom Super Leaf 1-Up Mushroom Coin Banzai Bill Bob-omb Flame Chomp Heavy Para-Beetle Before Iggy joins the player: Iggy Penguin Mario Penguin Luigi
After Iggy joins the player: Chain Chomp & Flame Chomps

Course maps[edit]

For a listing of course maps in World 5, see here.


Secret exit[edit]

World 5-PDSMBE-GhostHouse.png[edit]

Upon reaching the dead end in this course, the player may notice a Gold Block to the right. In order to reach the secret exit, the player must take the path of the block - which requires clearing more Dark Orbs than Wood Orbs. This course does not contain any Dark Orbs, however, so the player needs to bring an ally that can create them. Upon taking the path, the player immediately faces the boss. Upon defeating them, the player unlocks World 5-4.


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