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When the player powers up a teammate in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition at the Power Up spot at Toad Houses, they may sometimes earn plus stats next to their current stats in the form of stars. Pluses, or stars, are additional stats that a teammate can earn outside of leveling up. The amount of increase is dependent on the stat: +10 for HP, +5 for ATK, and +3 for RCV. Each teammate may have up to 297 plus stats, with 99 per stat. This means, via pluses, a teammate can have their HP increased by up to 990, up to 495 for ATK, and up to 297 for RCV.

Each depowered teammate has a 20-25% chance to produce a plus. When transferring power to a teammate of the same attribute, the chance of that depowered teammate producing a plus doubles. Each type of teammate always produces a plus in the same stat, shown in the charts below. Depowering a teammate with pluses causes those pluses to be transferred to the teammate being powered up. For this reason, it's recommended to depower a teammate for their pluses to another teammate of the same attribute, then with the accumulated pluses, to power up yet another teammate that may not necessarily share the same attribute type. For example, if the player depowers many Goombas for their ATK pluses to a Wiggler (both allies wood-types), then transfers those pluses to a different attribute teammate - such as a Cheep Chomp, a water-type ally - by depowering the Wiggler, the Cheep Chomp would receive roughly double the pluses than they would if the player directly depowers the Goombas for them. Using this method, the player can strengthen allies where their stats may be lacking (i.e. using HP pluses to raise a teammate's low HP).

This page lists which teammates produce which plus stats for other teammates being powered up.


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  • No.: The character's number as listed in the Guide in the game's menu.
  • Teammate: The teammate's name.
  • Plus bonus: The type of plus given to a teammate being powered up: HP, ATK or RCV.
No. Teammate
45 PDSMBE-GreenKoopaTroopaCard.png
Green Koopa Troopa
46 PDSMBE-GreenKoopaParatroopaCard.png
Green Koopa Paratroopa
47 PDSMBE-BigGreenKoopaParatroopaCard.png
Big Green Koopa Paratroopa
48 PDSMBE-RedKoopaTroopaCard.png
Red Koopa Troopa
49 PDSMBE-RedKoopaParatroopaCard.png
Red Koopa Paratroopa
50 PDSMBE-DryBonesCard.png
Dry Bones
51 PDSMBE-YellowKoopaTroopaCard.png
Yellow Koopa Troopa
52 PDSMBE-YellowKoopaParatroopaCard.png
Yellow Koopa Paratroopa
53 PDSMBE-BigYellowKoopaParatroopaCard.png
Big Yellow Koopa Paratroopa
65 PDSMBE-LakituCard.png
72 PDSMBE-BlooperCard.png
73 PDSMBE-BlooperNannyBabyCard.png
Blooper Nanny & Baby
74 PDSMBE-BlooperNannyBabiesCard.png
Blooper Nanny & Babies
80 PDSMBE-BobombCard.png
83 PDSMBE-GreenCoinCofferCard.png
Green Coin Coffer
84 PDSMBE-KingGreenCoinCofferCard.png
King Green Coin Coffer
93 PDSMBE-BooCard.png
94 PDSMBE-BigBooCard.png
Big Boo
95 PDSMBE-KingBooCard.png
King Boo
96 PDSMBE-ThwompCard.png
97 PDSMBE-SuperThwompCard.png
Big Thwomp
98 PDSMBE-ThwompThwimpsCard.png
Thwomp & Thwimps
104 PDSMBE-GreenMagikoopaCard.png
Green Magikoopa
123 PDSMBE-WhompBoosCard.png
Whomp & Boos
124 PDSMBE-BooTrioCard.png
Boo Trio
125 PDSMBE-BooCrewCard.png
Boo Crew
137 PDSMBE-GoldGoombaCard.png
Gold Goomba
No. Teammate
42 PDSMBE-GoombaCard.png
43 PDSMBE-ParagoombaCard.png
44 PDSMBE-BigParagoombaCard.png
Big Paragoomba
54 PDSMBE-HammerBroCard.png
Hammer Bro
55 PDSMBE-FireBroCard.png
Fire Bro
56 PDSMBE-BoomerangBroCard.png
Boomerang Bro
57 PDSMBE-IceBroCard.png
Ice Bro
58 PDSMBE-SledgeBroCard.png
Sledge Bro
64 PDSMBE-SpinyCard.png
66 PDSMBE-BulletBillCard.png
Bullet Bill
67 PDSMBE-BanzaiBillCard.png
Banzai Bill
68 PDSMBE-KingBillCard.png
King Bill
75 PDSMBE-PiranhaPlantCard.png
Piranha Plant
76 PDSMBE-FirePiranhaPlantCard.png
Fire Piranha Plant
77 PDSMBE-PeteyPiranhaCard.png
Petey Piranha
78 PDSMBE-BonePiranhaPlantCard.png
Bone Piranha Plant
79 PDSMBE-BigBonePiranhaPlantCard.png
Big Bone Piranha Plant
81 PDSMBE-ChainChompCard.png
Chain Chomp
82 PDSMBE-FlameChompCard.png
Flame Chomp
85 PDSMBE-RedCoinCofferCard.png
Red Coin Coffer
86 PDSMBE-KingRedCoinCofferCard.png
King Red Coin Coffer
91 PDSMBE-PurpleCoinCofferCard.png
Purple Coin Coffer
92 PDSMBE-KingPurpleCoinCofferCard.png
King Purple Coin Coffer
99 PDSMBE-WhompCard.png
100 PDSMBE-SuperWhompCard.png
Big Whomp
102 PDSMBE-RedMagikoopaCard.png
Red Magikoopa
106 PDSMBE-PurpleMagikoopaCard.png
Purple Magikoopa
107 PDSMBE-BoomBoomCard.png
Boom Boom
110 PDSMBE-ChainChompFlameChompCard.png
Chain Chomp & Flame Chomp
111 PDSMBE-ChainChompFlameChompsCard.png
Chain Chomp & Flame Chomps
112 PDSMBE-GoombaBulletBillCard.png
Bullet Bill & Goomba
113 PDSMBE-GoombasBulletBillsCard.png
Bullet Bill & Goombas
114 PDSMBE-2GoombaTowerCard.png
2-Goomba Tower
115 PDSMBE-3GoombaTowerCard.png
3-Goomba Tower
No. Teammate
59 PDSMBE-BuzzyBeetleCard.png
Buzzy Beetle
60 PDSMBE-BonyBeetleCard.png
Bony Beetle
61 PDSMBE-BigBonyBeetleCard.png
Big Bony Beetle
62 PDSMBE-ParaBeetleCard.png
63 PDSMBE-HeavyParaBeetleCard.png
Heavy Para-Beetle
69 PDSMBE-CheepCheepCard.png
Cheep Cheep
70 PDSMBE-BigCheepCheepCard.png
Big Cheep Cheep
71 PDSMBE-CheepChompCard.png
Cheep Chomp
87 PDSMBE-BlueCoinCofferCard.png
Blue Coin Coffer
88 PDSMBE-KingBlueCoinCofferCard.png
King Blue Coin Coffer
89 PDSMBE-YellowCoinCofferCard.png
Yellow Coin Coffer
90 PDSMBE-KingYellowCoinCofferCard.png
King Yellow Coin Coffer
101 PDSMBE-WigglerCard.png
103 PDSMBE-BlueMagikoopaCard.png
Blue Magikoopa
105 PDSMBE-YellowMagikoopaCard.png
Yellow Magikoopa
108 PDSMBE-WigglerFlameChompCard.png
Wiggler & Flame Chomp
109 PDSMBE-FlutterFlameChompCard.png
Flutter & Flame Chomp
116 PDSMBE-SpinyEggLakituCard.png
Spiny Egg & Lakitu
117 PDSMBE-DoubleLakituCard.png
Double Lakitu
118 PDSMBE-BobombLakituCard.png
Bob-omb & Lakitu
119 PDSMBE-BlooperCheepCheepCard.png
Blooper & Cheep Cheep
120 PDSMBE-BlooperCheepCheepsCard.png
Blooper & Cheep Cheeps
121 PDSMBE-RedKoopaTroopaCheepCheepCard.png
Red Koopa Troopa & Cheep Cheep
122 PDSMBE-DryBonesCheepCheepCard.png
Dry Bones & Cheep Cheep
157 PDSMBE-YellowGreenMagikoopasCard.png
Yellow/Green Magikoopas