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Blind is a status ailment in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition that turns Orbs on the Orb field completely black, making it difficult for the player to identify Orb types. Blind is often inflicted by Skills used by Blooper and Para-Beetle-type enemies, as well as Skills used by Dry Bones, Bowser Jr. (in the final battle with Bowser and the Koopalings) and Dry Bowser. The severity of blindness depends on much of the Orb field has changed to black, from a slight amount to the entire board. The player can change the affected Orbs back to normal by moving them or using an ally Heavy Para-Beetle's Mega Support Skill to cure the entire Orb field -- using a Skill that changes Orbs types will not remove it.

The Awoken Skill "Blind Barrier" from "Blooper Nanny & Babies" or from "Bullet Bill & Goombas" enemies can reduce the chances of being blinded, depending on the level of their Awoken Skill.

Enemy Skills that inflict Blind[edit]

  • Blind Attack, used by Dry Bones. Inflicts damage and blindness.
  • Ink Attack, used by Blooper. Inflicts damage and partial blindness.
  • Ink Bomb, used by Blooper Nanny & Baby. Inflicts moderate damage and major blindness.
  • Ink Cannon, used by Blooper Nanny & Babies. Inflicts heavy damage and severe blindness.
  • Support, used by Para-Beetle and Bowser Jr.. Inflicts blindness only.
  • Mega Support, used by Heavy Para-Beetle. Inflicts blindness only.
  • A Skill used by Dry Bowser that inflicts heavy damage and complete blindness.