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“I know! We should team up! Come on! Hop on my back!”
Yoshi, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Yoshi Star Galaxy
Yoshi Star Galaxy.png 
Area World 1 
How to unlock Get the first Power Star from Sky Station Galaxy 
Boss(es) Giga Lakitu 
Comet(s) Romp Comet
Green Comet 
Level(s) Saddle Up with Yoshi
Spiny Control
Spiny Rainbow Romp
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3 
Stars Smg2 icon powerstar.pngSmg2 icon powerstar.pngSmg2 icon prankstercomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.png 
Galaxy Icon An off-scale version of the Starting Planet 
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Yoshi Star Galaxy is one of the many galaxies in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. This is the first galaxy in which Yoshi is found; Mario must defeat a Magikoopa to break the barrier surrounding the egg before he can break the Yoshi Egg, however. The galaxy itself consists of lush meadows, with many flowers, grassy paths and an active volcano.


Starting Planet[edit]

Luigi, Yoshi, and the Co-Star Luma on the Starting Planet

The player will land at the beginning of a path. The pathway ahead of the start goes uphill, and is filled with many Piranha Plants, Octoombas, and Thorny Flowers. Ahead after the pathway, there is a force field around a Yoshi Egg on a nest guarded by a Magikoopa. After it is defeated, the force field disappears and the Yoshi Egg can be cracked open to release Yoshi. Just up ahead of the egg's nest are some Berries and enemies that Yoshi can eat for Star Bits. To the left of the berries is a small hill with a Comet Medal on top. There is a small waterfall with a rushing current nearby as well. To the right are several terraces of land which contain Crystals and Flipbugs. There is also a huge volcano, where the Launch Star appears after Yoshi eats the giant golden berry. In the second mission, the majority of this area is infested with Lakitus and Spinies.

Earth Planet[edit]

Mario, Yoshi and the Co-Star Luma on the Earth Planet.

After using the Launch Star from the first planet, Mario and Yoshi land on a tiny planet, where they can pass by a Midway Point. It has Crystals, insects, and a Chance Cube. One of the crystals reveals a Launch Star, which Mario must take to travel to the next planet.

Tower Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi on the Tower Planet.
Concept artwork of the planet.

On this planet, the player and Yoshi must climb the tall tower to reach the Launch Star. There are Piranha Plants and thorny flowers which cover up most of the pathways, but can be eaten by Yoshi. At the top, there are Octoombas and a Flower Grapple. Using his tongue, Yoshi can swing up to a tiny wooden orb with the Launch Star. This planet is almost physically identical to the Tower Planet in the Good Egg Galaxy in the first game, except for a bone-like platform at the bottom and a few blue springboards. This planet is also one of three planets that appears on the cover of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Fossil Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi approaching the Fossil Planet.
Concept artwork of the planet from thePrima guide.

After using the Launch Star from the Yoshi Tower Planet, the player and Yoshi will arrive on this large planet. The player will find a Midway Point shortly after landing. This planet is infested with Scuttlebugs and Paragoombas. The player and Yoshi can navigate through the planet by jumping between the blocks, using the Flower Grapples, pulling moveable blocks, and using the moving platforms. By using the Flower Grapples, the player and Yoshi can reach the top area where the Power Star is trapped in an Item Crystal.

Spiny Shooting Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi on the Spiny Shooting Planet.

During the second mission, the player and Yoshi will land on this planet after using the Launch Star from the main planet. Here, they can pass a Checkpoint Flag. Enemies here include a Lakitu and several Spinies which the Lakitu spawns. There are also three cages, two of them containing Star Bits, and the other containing a Luma which will transform into a Launch Star once it is set free. The cages can only be broken by having Yoshi eat and spit out a Spiny towards one of the cages.

Orbiting Planetoids[edit]

Mario and Yoshi on the Orbiting Planetoids.

During the second mission, Mario and Yoshi can land on this planet if the player activates the Launch Star in midair while flying from the Central Shape Planet. This area has a set of small, flat planetoids that are orbiting around a slightly larger spherical planet. These platforms contain a 1-Up Mushroom, a Life Mushroom, a few Coins and some Berries. Mario and Yoshi can use the Launch Star on the planetoid located at the top to blast off to the next planet.

Marble Block Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi on the Marble Block Planet.

During the second mission, the player will land on this planet where they must use Yoshi's tongue to pull out platforms to climb up. The player must also have Yoshi eat a Spiny and spit it out toward a cage with Launch Star inside to blast off to the final planet. Enemies here include a Lakitu and Spinies. There are also Crystals containing Star Bits and a coin and the platforms that Yoshi can pull out contain a 1-Up Mushroom, Coins, and Star Bits. There is also another 1-Up Mushroom on top of the planet, to get it the player should jump on the cage with Yoshi then flutter jump up to get it.

Giga Lakitu Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi on the Giga Lakitu Planet.

This is the final planet during the second mission. The player and Yoshi will land on this area after blasting off from the Marble Block Planet. Here, they can pass a Checkpoint Flag. Using Yoshi's tongue, they can swing up to the top area where Giga Lakitu is fought. There are two Crystals on this planet, each with a Coin inside of them.



Saddle Up with Yoshi[edit]

Mario and Yoshi about to get the Power Star.

The player begins the level on the Main Planet where there is a Yoshi Egg being protected by a barrier created by a nearby Magikoopa. The Magikoopa summons Goombas to fight the player. They must defeat the Magikoopa to get rid of the Goombas and destroy the barrier guarding the egg. After breaking the Yoshi Egg, Yoshi will pop out. The player must use Yoshi to get through the Main Planet. There are many berries and enemies for Yoshi to eat around this planet. The player must travel through the muddy path leading away from the main area of the planet until they get to a large golden Berry. Yoshi must eat the berry to make a Launch Star appear leading off to the Earth Planet. The Earth Planet is covered in crystals and has a Midway Point and a Chance Cube. The player should break open one of the crystals to reveal a Launch Star, which transports the player to the Tower Planet. The Tower Planet has a path that winds up one of the big mountains, which Yoshi and the player must follow, eating or jumping over all obstacles on the way.

Once at the top there will be a single Flower Grapple. Using Yoshi's tongue, the player must use the grapple to reach the small planet with a Launch Star. This Star takes the player to the Fossil Planet. On the Fossil Planet, there will be numerous drawers for Yoshi to pull open, Flower Grapples, enemies such as Scuttlebugs and Paragoombas, and moving platforms. Mario must travel through the only path to get to the top and reach the crystal containing the Power Star sealed inside. After breaking the crystal, the player will need to use the Flower Grapples to reach it. Upon completion of this mission, Yoshi will appear on Starship Mario.

Planets Visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 囚われのヨッシー
Toraware no Yosshī
Captured Yoshi
Spanish (NOE) ¡A lomos de Yoshi! Riding Yoshi!
French A dos de Yoshi On Yoshi's back
German Endlich! Yoshi! Befreit! At last! Yoshi! Free!
Italian Yoshi in Cattività Yoshi in Captivity

Spiny Control[edit]

Giga Lakitu aiming a Spiny egg at Yoshi.

After visiting the galaxy for the second time, the player will find the Starting Planet, along with others, infested with Spinies and Lakitus. The Starting Planet is also littered with cages containing different items, such as Star Bits, 1-Up Mushrooms, and even the teleporter to the bonus planet. The player needs to bust open the cage containing the Launch Star, though. On the Central Shape Planet, the player will need to use Yoshi to eat a Spiny, get on top of a wooden platform and spit it at the cage with the Luma. The Luma will transform into a Launch Star. During the flight, the player can either take the Launch Star in midair to the Solar System Planet or simply go to the Marble Block Planet. After reaching the top of the Marble Block Planet and breaking the cage, the player can reach the final planet. On this planet, the player will face Giga Lakitu. After he has been defeated, the player can take the Power Star.

Planets Visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲゾー大発生!
Togezō daihassei!
So many Spinies!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Lanzamiento de Pinchones! Launch of Spinies!
French Des Hériss qui Hérissent Spinies that Ruffle
German So viele Stachis So many Spinies
Italian Koopistrici a non Finire Non-Ending Spines

Spiny Rainbow Romp[edit]

Rainbow Mario ramming as many Spinies as he can.

When the player visits this galaxy when the Romp Comet is in orbit, they'll find 30 Spinies on the Starting Planet. To get the Power Star, the player has to defeat all of them with a strict time limit of 60 seconds. The only way to defeat the Spinies is with the use of the Rainbow Star. There are only four stars though and once they are used up, they will not respawn.

Planets Visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 全滅!トゲゾーをやっつけろ
Zenmetsu! Togezō o yattsukero
Annihilation! Clear Spinies away
Spanish (NOE) ¡Pinchones a montones! Spinies galore!
French Le champ de Hériss : mêlée Spinies Field
German Das Stachi-Problem ist wieder da! The Spiny-problem has returned!
Italian Fracasso Spinoso da Risolvere Spiny Crash to Solve

Green Star 1[edit]

The first Green Star.

The first Green Power Star is found above a hill on the Starting planet, where the Comet Medal is located. The player must use Yoshi and a timed backflip to be able to reach the star.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Mario and Yoshi with the Green Star in sight.

The player will redo the Saddle Up with Yoshi mission. The player must obtain Yoshi and head to the area with the large, golden berry. To the right of this object should be an indent in the mountain with the Green Power Star in plain sight. The player will need to simply Flutter Jump to the star to get it.

Planets Visited

Green Star 3[edit]

Mario and Yoshi near the final Green Star.

The player will redo the Saddle Up with Yoshi mission once more. The player should make their way to the top of the Fossil Planet. They should use the Flower Grapples at the top to move their way left where the Green Power Star is located. A timed backflip or using the infinite flutter glitch is needed to reach the star.

Planets Visited



Audio.svg Yoshi Star Galaxy - Yoshi Star Galaxy theme (full version). The first mission of Tall Trunk Galaxy also shares this music.
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨースターギャラクシー
Yōsutā gyarakushī
Yoster Galaxy / See Yoster Island.
Spanish Galaxia Estrella de Yoshi Yoshi's Star Galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie de Yoshi Yoshi's Galaxy
French (NOE) Nid de Yoshi Yoshi's nest
German Sternen-Yoshi-Galaxie Star Yoshi Galaxy
Italian Galassia Isola Yoshi Yoshi's Island Galaxy
Korean 요스타 갤럭시
Yoseuta Gaelleoksi
Transliteration of Japanese Name, but more resembles "Yostar"
Chinese 耀西花園銀河
Yàoxī huāyuán yínhé
Yoshi's Garden Galaxy


  • When blasting off from the Starting Planet, the volcano will erupt similarly to the Mt. Molten volcano in Melty Molten Galaxy from the first game, except that this volcano has smoke while Mt. Molten does not. Also, the player is not able to go inside the volcano, and it releases Star Bits when it erupts.
  • If the player plays as Luigi, it is possible to get through the whole galaxy without Yoshi using precise jumping, with the exception of the Golden Berry, which the player can't get rid of without Yoshi.