The Puzzling Picture Block

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The Puzzling Picture Block
SMG2 Puzzle Plank Puzzling Picture Block.png
Location Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Mandibug Stack
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The Puzzling Picture Block (erroneously referred to as The Puzzling Pictureblock in the Prima guide[1]) is the first mission of the Puzzle Plank Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


To get the Power Star, the player has to make their way to the Picture Block Planet. To do so, they have to ground pound the star mark on the Starting Planet to make the platform fall into the planet bellow. Then, they have to activate the bottom-right switch to make the Launch Star appear. After using it, the player will find themselves on a grassy planet. This planet has three pillars that can be found in the other side of the planet. The player will need to pound all of them to make the pillars rise on the other side. After getting back to the opposite side, the Launch Star can be used.

After the Launch Star blasts the player to the Grinder Planet, they have to make their way up to the next one. The player will need to be wary of the numerous Grinders cutting pieces of the level and the plethora of enemies found on this planet. When the Launch Star is found and used, the player will be launched to a planet with Lumalee and a Checkpoint Flag. When the player uses the Launch Star located on this planetoid, they will be taken to the final planet. On the Picture Block Planet, the player will need to rearrange the blocks to form the picture by ground pounding them. Once the picture is complete, two Mandibugs - a parent with a child on top - will appear and charge at the player. The player will need to take care of these pests before being able to get the Power Star.


Planets Visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 絵合わせパズルのヒミツ
E-awase Pazuru no Himitsu
The Secret of the Picture Puzzle
Chinese 拼圖之謎
Pīntú zhī Mí
The Mystery of the Picture Puzzle
French (NOE) Le casse-tête en bois The puzzle of wood
German Das Geheimnis des Bilderrätsels The picture puzzle's secret
Italian Segreto del Puzzle Secret of the Puzzle
Korean 그림 맞추기 퍼즐의 비밀
Geulim Majchugi Peojeul-ui Bimil
The Secret of the Picture Puzzle
Spanish Camino cortado Shortcut (also means cut path)


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