Think Before You Shake

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Think Before You Shake
SMG2 Flip Swap Think Before You Shake.png
Location Flip-Swap Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Think Before You Shake is the first mission of the Flip-Swap Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Its name is probably based on the phrase "look before you leap."


The entirety of the galaxy relies on the player Spinning to flip Red-Blue Panels and cross the galaxy. The first area is a series of platforms leading to a standard platform with two Goombas and an Octoomba. The second area has electric rails moving around the platforms, and the player needs to cross through the gaps between them to reach the end of the path. After climbing up large stair platforms, the third area has a large Chomp that will roll along the red platforms, even changing the angle of its roll at the corner. After some more steps, the fourth area has many Chomps that will roll along either the red or blue platforms, so the player needs to Spin accordingly to pass by them and reach the end of the area. The final area has many electric rails the player needs to pass between while also jumping across gaps between the platforms. The Power Star is found at the end of this area.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パタパタパニック!スピン!スピン!
Patapata panikku! Supin! Supin!
Flapping panic! Spin, spin!

Chinese 天翻地覆! 旋轉!旋轉!
Tiānfāndìfù! Xuánzhuǎn! Xuánzhuǎn!
Turn the world upside down! Spin! Spin!

French Saut tournoyant périlleux
Perilous spinning jump
German Gut geschüttelt klappt das Scharnier!
Well shaken flips the hinge!
Italian Pannelli da panico
Panic panels
Spanish ¡Agitar antes de pisar!
Shake before stepping!