Storming the Sky Fleet

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Storming the Sky Fleet
SMG2 Sky Station Storming the Sky Fleet Star.png
Location Sky Station Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Storming the Sky Fleet is the second mission of the Sky Station Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Mario on one of the planets.

The player begins on the Starting Planet, but this time around it is infested with Small Chomps. Traveling to the darker side of the planet via the green warp pipe, the player must use the rubbery bulbs strewn around to open up the chests and find a Rainbow Star. The player must then run around and destroy all of the Small Chomps on this side of the planet (it is possible to destroy the Small Chomps just by using the rubbery bulbs) to find the key to free a captured Luma. The Luma rewards the player for freeing him by transforming into a Launch Star to the Sky Fleet Ship.

The Sky Fleet Ship has multiple Banzai Bills for the player to avoid before he can get to a hole which leads inside the ship. The player can find another Rainbow Star for them to use so they can destroy the Banzai Bills. They need to find a hatch which leads inside the Sky Fleet Ship to proceed.

On the inside, there are numerous Amps and moving platforms. A Checkpoint Flag is just near the entrance to the inside. A 1-Up Mushroom is just above the flag. There is an area full of Star Bits where the player must fall to continue the area. There is also a Teleporter and another 1-Up Mushroom in an area which can only be reached by crawling through the tiny gap. The player must travel to the other side of the moving platforms and take the Launch Star, which is in mid air and surrounded by Amps, to the Flipswitch Fleet Planet.

There is a Banzai Bill launcher on this planet, so the player must look out for the Banzai Bills. If the player manages to get on top of the Banzai Bill launcher, they find a small bunch of Star Bits to collect. After the player has pressed all the switches on the Flipswitch Fleet Planet, another section appears where Mario has to press the Flipswitch Panels while being chased by Cosmic Clones.

After pressing all the switches, the clones disappear into Star Bits and a Launch Star appears to take the player to the Grass Fleet Planet. The Second Fleet Ship has three Banzai Bills blasting all around and a Power Star can be found in a cage. The player must travel to the end of the walkway, avoiding the Banzai Bills that case them, and reach the end of the planet which has a pole, two Piranha Plants and one Prickly Piranha Plant. Defeating the Prickly Piranha Plant yields a key which frees the Power Star and allows the player to go back, still avoiding the Banzai Bills, and get the star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぶつけて ブッこわせ!
Butsukete Bukkowase!
Fight and defeat them!
Chinese 瞄準敵人! 擊破敵人!
Miáozhǔn Dírén! Jípò Dírén!
Aim at the enemies! Defeat the enemies!
French (NOE) A l'assaut de la station stellaire Storming the star station
German Der dornige Schlüsselhüter The spiny key guardian
Italian Pallottole nei Cieli Bullets in the Sky
Spanish ¡Asalto a la estación balística! Assault on the ballistic station!