Silver Chomp Grudge Match

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Silver Chomp Grudge Match
Silver Chomp Match.png
Location Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Silver Chomp Grudge Match is the first mission of the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mission's objective is to roll a Star Ball across the course and defeat a Homing Chomp. Despite the mission's name, this is the first time the player encounters a Homing Chomp.


The player starts off on a small grassy planet with a Star Ball, which they must ride. Using a ball launcher, the player goes to the Tamakoro Pole Planet, a spherical planet with tall paintbrushes acting as fences. In an enclosed green area directly behind where the player lands is a key that will open up the barrier with the ball launcher at the starting area.

The player is sent to a flower-shaped palette with a Checkpoint Flag. As they move closer to the edge, Assembly Blocks move into place to form a bridge to a lift with three Goombas that will begin moving upward once Mario rolls onto it. At the top of the lift are six Flipswitch Panels that the player needs to activate to open a path to another ball launcher.

Next is a wooden planet being carved by Grinders. A second Checkpoint Flag is located here. Taking care not to fall with the separated platforms, the player needs to roll across the planet to reach the planet where the Homing Chomp is fought. By repeatedly running into the Chomp the player can knock it over the edge, though the Homing Chomp will attempt to do the same to them. When it falls, a platform will appear and lead the player to the goal. Dropping the Star Ball into the final hole will release the Power Star, which floats above a nearby flagpole.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 押し出せ!シルバーワンワン
Oshidase! Shirubā Wanwan
Push 'em out! Silver Chomp
Chinese 你推我擠! 銀色汪汪
Nǐtuīwǒjǐ! Yínsè Wāngwāng
Push back and forth! Silver Chomp
French Une lutte de territoire A struggle of territory
German Ramm den silbernen Kettenhund Drive against the Silver Chomp
Italian Categnaccio Argento sul Ring Silver Chomp in the Ring
Spanish ¡Echa al Chomp! Throw the Chomp out!