Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road

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“COIN you do it?!”
Yellow Toad, Rolling Coaster Galaxy
Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road
SMG2 Rolling Coaster Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road.png
Location Rolling Coaster Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road is the second mission of the Rolling Coaster Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission plays similarly to The Rainbow Road Roll, except players need to collect 100 Purple Coins scattered throughout this level within the time limit with a purple-colored Star Ball. It contains one of the required 100 coins. This level is unlocked when the Comet Medal has been collected in this level and a Prankster Comet approaches this galaxy.


At the beginning of the level, the player finds a Purple Coin Ball at the starting planet as opposed to the normal Star Ball. They must follow the same path as in the first mission, except that he is only be able to follow the Expert Path when the course splits in two, instead of a choice to follow either path. The player must collect at least 100 of the 110 Purple Coins found on the Rainbow Road Planet with a time limit of two minutes. If they are able to collect at least 100 Purple Coins within the time limit and successfully make it to the Ending Planet, then a Gearmo rewards them with a Power Star. If not, they will lose a life.

Planets visited[edit]


  • None

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レインボーロードの パープルコイン
Reinbōrōdo no pāpurukoin
Purple Coins of the Rainbow Road

Chinese 彩虹大道之紫金幣
Cǎihóng Dàdào zhī Zǐjīnbì
Purple Coins of the Rainbow Road

French Arc-en-ciel et pièces violettes
Rainbow and purple coins
German Lila Münzen auf der Regenbogenpiste
Purple Coins on the rainbow circuit
Italian Monete viola sulla Via Arcobaleno
Purple coins on the rainbow road
Spanish Monedas en la Senda Arco Iris
Coins in the Rainbow Trail